Scarn 16 After

Location, location, location
The Keep on the Borderlands

Attendees: Tzar, Duke, Lord, Prince. Missing: the Marquis

“The most critical factor subduing the demand for housing is that home ownership is no longer seen as the great, long-term buildup in equity value it once was.”
- Mortimer Zuckerman

Bollocks!! Mr. Zuckerman doesn’t know shit about the joys of modern castle property ownership nor its potential as an investment portfolio diversifier. Sure, returns in the Post-Apocalyptic Borderlands Real Estate market were soft in the “5-to-10 Year-After” era, but the Adventure Tourism and Hero-training sectors have been bullish since 14-After and are projected to realize above-average returns well into the mid-20-Afters."

We’re sold. That unexpected blossoming of the ego as we’re told about Our Land in the styx [sic] overcomes any niggling doubts about the wisdom of moving into a castle in the fell shadow of the Iron Pass and Keldor Mtns. Sure, a legion of Charduni dwarves were wiped out of existence by fire drakes as the Titanwar came into existence there, and yeah, the Queen’s wizards’ efforts of scrying the castle are being blocked, and granted, all scouts that have been sent to investigate have not been heard from again, but hey – they gave us badges and are putting us on a Hero’s Council!! AND, we’ll get to name the castle anything we want!! Anything! Fort Tellius, the Keep on Keepin’ on, Castle Sunshine Sugarloaf Muffins, … lots of choices on the table.

Anyway, we need to gear up. We liquidate all the swag we’d been hauling around in that chest of holding and sell Tellius’ new Spellguard bracelets and negotiate with the Queen for her to magically augment one item of gear for each of us (a weapon, shield, or suit of armour) in exchange for that orb that we stole from the skin devil.
• Tellius gets a +1 Glamered Chainshirt
• Shadowstones gets a +1 Anarchic shortbow (deadly vs. Lawful creatures)
• Jan gets her mithril chainshirt magified to be +1 and Arrow Deflecting
• Gwynn gets his Darkleaf Lamellar Leather armour +1ed and Slicked, and
• Serpenthelm will have to decide her upgrade with DMC.

We also spend about 1500gp each on additional individual items:
• Gwynn: All Tools Vest
• Shad: Quickrunner’s Shirt and a Book of the Planes
• Tellius: 4 potions (3x Invis and 1x Eagle’s Splendor)
• Jan: Boots of the Cat
• Serpenthelm: has 1500gp to spend on something snazzy (Tzar Lenz would be happy to help with this)

Lastly, we spend some dough on group gear:
• 10 doses of Holy weapon balm (it’s a 30gp alchemical item – look it up). Each of us will be carrying 2 doses. It’s good for fighting against evil creatures, which we tend to do a bit of.
• Wand of Identify. Jannella is carrying it.
• Wand of Detect Evil. Jan is carrying.
• Undead Slayer’s kit. Includes poshe of Lesser Restoration and Cure light wounds, 2 vials of holy water, plus other anti-undead mundane items (garlic bulb necklace, holy symbol, wooden stake and hammer, sunrod). Gwynn is carrying it.
• 4 potions of Lesser Restortion. One each, except for Gwynn (who has one from his Undead Slayer’s Kit).
• Wand of Cure Light Wounds. Gwynn has it.
• Antitoxin – 2 vials. Gwynn has them.
• Antiplague – 5 vials. One per party member.
• Sunrods x 10. Two per party member.
• 1 fuse grenade. Gwynn has it (sounds fun, eh?)
• 4 weeks’ rations for each party member. Mmm… iron rations…


Okay. NOW we’re ready to head home. Carpe Keepe (seize the keep)!

It’s 100 miles straight east, but walking is for clowns, so we decide to take a magic carpet ride. We have that carpet that we’ve been hauling around and never used – enough of that shit. We unroll it, trace the appropriate lines, and a tunnel into the Shadow Realm opens up. We walk in. Everything is distorted, walls bend it like Beckham, and it feels all wrong! Gwynn, Tellius, and Jannella all take turns painting the landscape with barf as they stumble through several hours of disorientation. Say what you will about Shadowspawn – he can’t out-armwrestle a leaning chopstick, but that boy knows his way around an umbra!
• Gwynn: “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuuuuuBLAUUUHHH!!!”
• Jann: “Enkili Christ!! Stop the spinning! No more spi… GAAUUGHHH!!!”
• Tellius: “Aren’t we going the wrong way? Shouldn’t we be … HEUUGGHHH!!!”
• Shad: “No, no, this is the right way. Just follow that LSD shadow pattern over there and keep the swirl off your port bow. It’s super clear, actually, if you’d just stop wretching long enough, you’d see … You know what, just follow where I’m walking, k guys? Hey look! I’m making shadow animals with my hands!!”

The suffering is real. However, so is the progress! In four hours’ travel (over 2 days), we cover the 100 miles and find ourselves outside our land! We had to stop to recover a bit in the Material Plane, where Tellius learned how to make Pepto Bismol using Gwynn’s new alchemy set and Gwynn figured out how to change one dose of his Vipet Injury poison to Vipet Inhaled Poison.

We head up to the mist-covered area that is Our Land. Shad checks out the tracks in the soil and figures that several cat-like creatures have used this route toward our castle. Dire Lionish tracks that seem slightly lizardy as well – Dire Li-zards. Can’t see shit because of the fog (even in the Shadow realm, the fog was there and near impenetrable). Tellius suddenly remembers an old ditty that might relate. He regales us with lyrics about a very nasty type of Hag called a Moon Hag that was known to create such mists. He also recalls that they are more powerful at night, so we approach the mists in the morn after a lusty breakfast of iron rations.

A dude comes out of the mists and starts chatting. Didn’t see that coming, actually. He starts spouting shit like we’re not the owners and that we should go and that it’s better to play with the mists than against the mists. Blather, basically. He has NO respect for our deed of ownership, doesn’t use the title “Lord” or “Your Awesomeness” even once, and actually seems somewhat standoffish in the face of his lieges! I know, right?! Clearly, he hasn’t checked his tweets lately.

We treat him like he’s not there (standard landowner behaviour, we figure), tie ourselves together with Shad’s new silk rope, and start walking into the mists.

At first, we think Tellius is singing Metal-covers ("Cobraassss!!! ‘Ttacked by cobrassss!!!), but then we realize it’s for reals! Can’t see our noses in this pea soup, but the Ronn is making all the wrong sounds. Attacked by 7 snakes?!? WTF, man! The poisons course thru his veins, but he swings that big hammer of his , hitting something much bigger than a snake. Hmm… In the fog, Jan calls for slack on the rope, but Shad doesn’t get the message. Gwynn tosses Vipet into the fray (Chok! Chok!) and decides to cut Shad’s new rope (Noooo!!!!). Gwynn tells the others not to attack any cougars that they may see (??), and also shouts, “Don’t look at its face – Medusaaa!!!” Gwynn turns into a cougar. Vipet follows her nose and sinks tooth into ankle, a couple of times. Jan finally gets herself alongside the Ronn and unleashes the WORST case of fiery halitosis upon the enemy that it’s ever seen – 23 damage!! Unfortunately, the Ronn has taken more bites than a chew-toy at a dog park and has fallen down to stage 3 poisoning – Disabled! He manages to cast a Cure Serious Wounds on himself but is far from out of the woods. The enemy is fleeing within the fog, but Gwynn and Vipet have its scent and are not going to let this skank go THAT easily!

We'll take your Keep and keep it.
RT shits himself again

We return to the city and under the cover of darkness, are let in by a guard. There are Battlemages everywhere and the walls are higher (wall of stone-esq) dotted with seige weaponry. It’s busy and hectic.
With Zanthar in tow, being sapped every so often to maintain a suitable level of unconsciousness, we head towards the castle.
Shadow suggests we “bag” Zanthar.
At the castle, we are surrounded and brought to the court where we were first arrested under heavy guard. Tellius negotiates for 15 minutes before Lady Santha arrives and has us brought into interrogation rooms.
Lady Santha is accompanied by a General.
Gwynn valliantly tries to explain the situation to little avail, but the great RT (who is difficult to silence) is able to finally convince Lady Santha. Gwynn attempts to raise our profile, making good arguments for more swag, but Lady Santha insists that there is too much going on. Gwynn persists and is given an Officer of the Court emblem. Shadow succesfully begs for some healing potions, but gets no help for his underwhelming CON.
An elderly woman enters and whispers to LS. We listen in and hear that that the Diviners are unable to see the approaching army.
We are taken into a back room (doughnut shaped, fancy)
LS asks us to “explain to the head of the military” which Gwynn happily does, continuing to cast us in a favourable light.
We tell them about the white powder and the effects that we were able to determine from our experiments.
The diviner? has questions about how they could see the preparations, but nothing now.
We ask about traditional scouts and are informed that there are titan spawn flanking to the NW.
RT eloquently explains the Skin devil and the associated effects.
The skindevel is eventually brought in and cuffed with manacles of cooperation, it looks like a flayed man, but refuses to talk.
Stones manages to buff up to a whopping 40 intimidate score and the skindeveil starts talking.
when did you infiltrate? – 3 months ago
who directed you? – prince
how is he paying you? – promised prestigious role in South
are there more? – don’t know
Prince’s goal? – power
antimagic? = perfect response to battlemages
- other army from north
-titan spawn coming to attack prince
- stones rerolls a 1 – nice
- magic weapons with white powder kills bearer within months
- titanspawn coming from north to take prince’s land

RT wisely asks how to make signal? – orb in office

The skindevil is removed
A suggestion is made to send the signal early to split the prince’s forces
- we will get teleported to the orb, then flying carpet our way home.

Negotiations ensue, we are promised a “well reward” – the battle mages will suitable outfit us, and we will also get a reward at some later time.

stones takes a horn of fog
serp takes a bag of holding 1
gwynn gets boots of elvenkind
RT gets cloak or resistance
Jan gets braces of armor +1

we detect a secret aea on the north wall, with electrical traps on the cabinet.
Janella grabs a scroll case on her way by using sleight of hand.

The diviners send us to the bottom of the stairs/ladder

Jan casts light, no creatures, but we hear horses upstairs, that weren’t there before. We find the secret door to the study and enter.
Serp watches the hallway while Jan covers the stairs.
Others find and disable the electrical traps, then wisely check for more traps.

in the cabinet, we find:
the ORB, RT takes it
3 potions, which stones grabs – flying, neutralise poison, and something red. pretty red.
Rt also grabs a pair…. of magical bracelets (pair, matched) they are powerful, but we can’t tell what they do,

we hear noises and roll inish. Serp blindly fires down the hallway and we eventually see 4 zombies.
Serp takes a shit kicking, 2 lvl down, and energy drain.
The people upstairs hear the commotion and lock the hatch.
Jan gets mage armor up just as the last zombie secumbs.

Stones jimmies the hatch and we all go upstairs
the place is empty. we consider following the horses, but we’re on a mission (from god) and fire up the carpet and head back to the castle. Jan’s excellent driving skills get us there by 9am

We land right on the keep and are brought to the council hall. The take the carpet back.
RT flourishes the ORB We are tasked with getting the skin devil to send the message.
the devil sends the message.
the orb goes into a bag, then into the BOH

We are given rooms to rest. we go and retrieve our chest of holding, then sleep. Jans sets an alarm, “rumplestiltskin”

We are summoned to the council chamber
Scouts report that the arms has turned to fight the titan spawm

We get our reward. We are given a Keep. RT shits himself with glee.
Pure reward Jan
reward but strings Serp
reward but run down shadow
We are given honourary citizenship in the South
Jan has a crisis of concious re lifting the scroll box and returns it. she will atone.

Some names for the keep were then thrown around on the chat group. nothing decided.

Here endith the lesson.

Dungeons & Devils

With the unsettling sound of a boulder rolling into place, the wall reforms splitting the party with Shadowspawn, Ronn Tellius (The Great), and Janella on one side and Serpenthelm and Gwynn on the other side of the newly formed wall. Unsure how to proceed, the party begins flailing on the wall to mixed effect. Before we know it, the wall shifts again, revealing Serpenthelm to the majority of the party, but leaving Gwynn locked away with someone else, Xanthar is nowhere to be seen. After brutalizing his compatriots Serpenthelm strikes some Titanic fear into her now isolated foe and the fool starts to run, she gives chase looking to give him the ol’ donkey punch, but instead manages somehow to catch herself in the jaw, launching what might be a tooth into the hallway ahead of her.
Janella does some fancy finger twirling and casts dispel magic on the elemental. With a satisfying woosh, the elemental comes apart and falls to the ground in an untidy earthen pile.
Meanwhile Gwynn is having a blast with Xanthar, Vipette is throwing poison and Gwynn slashing for his life when he falls prone, Xanthar, suddenly monstrous Xanthar is looming over top of him hungry fangs dripping.
Thankfully the party can reach each other now, and they make short work of Xanthar. Ronn searches his memories and remembers tell of Skin Devils, strange monsters that can assume the form of unwilling hosts to feed their devilish hunger.
Xanthar is still unconscious as the group tries to decide what to do with the beast. Do they take it back to Cadar? Or just slay the beast and continue south to find out who he was meeting with?
The group decides to explore that old trapdoor they passed upon first entering this dungeon, Xanthar can wait (or he might be dead, the scribe’s still out).
The trap door opens to a tall ladder surrounded by a cage. A perusal attracts the attention of some all too familiar zombies, the wall crawling kind from fort Jamal. Thankfully these are on the outside of the cage, temporarily not our problem. However, they are in a large chamber, and there seems to be another cage in there so the group must figure out how to deal with the monsters. Then answer is fire. Sweet cleansing fire. [**] After attracting the beasts to the cage, Janella gives them a taste of her fiery personality.

That problem dealt with the group explores the large chamber outside of the ladder cage, and finds a cage housing:… Xanthar. F-ing Xanthar? But if he’s in the cage…The group engages in a session of confused pointing up at the top of the ladder and back at Xanthar in the cage and some deep philosophical mutterings about the chances of the group actually checking this corner of the facility before attempting to communicate with the eerily silent Xanthar. From what we can tell he’s probably not a skin devil, also, the poor devil [sic] has had his tongue cut out.
After some charades, and writing of messages, the group finds out that this is the real Xanthar, who’s been captured for some time, and this complicates the decision of how to deal with Zombie Xanthar even further.
The group decides that not-dead Xanthar should be returned to Cadar to clear up the misunderstanding, though how this information will help the soon to be besieged City of Cadar is another question indeed…

Adventure calls
Horses, Rock Hudson, and the Shack

DMC writeup – May 28, 2017 by Tzar Lenz

Having chased the treacherous Xanthar and his cronies to a broke-down shack, we huddled in the woods deciding upon our assault. Shad had drifted about the entranceway and around the boarded-up windows earlier and had heard voices, so we figured our quarry was inside. Jan considered poking one of her tiny female digits thru a seam in the window boarding to lob in a fiery pea, but then we all feared that that damned Antimagic powder could be on site, and Jan didn’t want to get all the strength sucked out of her (having one noodle-armed party member who needs to grunt with strain just to lift his gaze is enough).

Gwynn casts a bevy of spells in preparation, and we continue to talk strategy, politics, weaving principles, childhood pets, … “That’s 56 seconds” – the voice of DMC peels from the skies like thunder. “Dammit! 2 of those spells I cast have 4-minute durations!” Gwynn notes with alarm! We burst into action… after talking for another 30 seconds or so.

Jan and T.G.R. Tellius enter the double doors and wait for sounds of carnage. Serp guzzles a Climbing poshe and climbs up onto the roof along with Gwynn and Shad [Note: both Gwynn and Shad JUST made their climbing rolls thanks to a round of Guidance spells that the petit druid had laid on the whole team! Those +1s can make a difference]. Once on top of the roof, Gwynn uses a Warp wood poshe to open a hole in the timbers before deftly leaping the 20’ to the floor below, landing among the three horses present like a muff of cotton candy on a pile of sleeping kittens. Shadowspawn, figuring that anything Gwynn can do he can do better, leaps down as well, landing like a fire cracker amidst a gathering of traumatized, caffeine-laced cats!! His legs collapse under him like a bad simile, and the horses lose their shit!! Like three panicked horses in a cramped room, the horses freak out like four panicked horses in a cramped room! Shad takes a hoof to the neck, Tellius comes crashing thru the door and nearly undoes horse 1 with a warhammer to the jaw; Jan tries to diveroll through the chaos but is only partly successful; Gwynn chills out one of dem horsies with some animal diplomacy, logically spelling out to the beast how it is best not to panic in these sorts of situations; but it’s Serp who casts a Calm Animals spell that is like the God of Horses shouting “Whoa, boys!” All three horses are instantly chewing their cud and lazily swatting flies away with their tails. Even Vipet lets out a languid yawn, gently releasing a small crap into Gwynn’s hood.

With decorum restored, Gwynn hoarsely barks an order to Ronn “Dammit, man! Heal that beast you just walloped! There’ll be no dented horse faces on my watch!” The bard wisely complies. Into the adjoining room the crew flock to find an exposed floor hatch and a pushed-aside carpet. Too easy. We study the walls, and the Ronn’s Dwarf-inspired senses sense that the far wall isn’t natural stonework. Gwynn snaps off a harsh whisper to Janella, “Dammit Jan! Cast Det Mag on that wall, will ya!” Jan wisely complies, and it lights up like a son (see what I did there, DMJers?). Tellius loses his cool for some reason and attacks the wall like it’s an Earth Elemental – two rocky limbs shoot out to clout the bard in the nards. It’s an Earth Elemental!! Rocky Rockerman lurches forward, revealing a passageway behind it. Serp hits true with an arrow or two from between the legs of one of the chill horses, Shadowbrawn pounds it mercilessly for 1 damage with a plain-old morningstar instead of the shockerly one (which would have been wise out of fear for the Antimagic powder if we hadn’t already cast 2 or 3 spells in this room). Gwynn throws in Keenu Reaver – it clunks in for a very moderate 5 damage and falls to the floor, Ronn pummels it mightily with his as-yet-unnamed hammer (what kind of bard doesn’t name his trademark weapon??), and Jan tries to twist Rocky’s insides out with a Stoneshape spell (which would have been wise if it weren’t immune to such spells – oh well, that’s how we learn). In the next round, the Great Ronn Tellius brings a determined tear to all of our eyes as he begins to sing one of his greatest Rock ballads, Rue got Stoned. Jannela tries to help by erecting a stone wall in front of the beast, sealing it off from the rest of us, which would have been wise if Keenu Reaver hadn’t been on the other side of said wall! Gwynn, feeling a bit more bossy and perturbable than usual, takes a full round action to berate Jann [Dammit Mageblood! That was Keenu Reaver on the other side of your wall!! What the BLEEEEEP!! BLEEP!! with your mother and a BLEEP!! BLEEEEEP!! with both feet and BLEEEEP!! BLEEEP!! and the whores you rode in on!!!]. The lady mage responds by calmly ignoring the raving halfling and checks out the trapdoor in the floor, investigating with some singing & dancing lights – she doesn’t see much but does hear some sort of creature shuffling around down there. Gwynn regathers his shit and casts Soften Earth and Stone on the wall, causing it to slump like so much clay – the elemental is gone and so is Keenu! Jannela partially shoulders over the wall, Serpy cleverly grabs a plank from the nearby pile of old furniture and lays it on top like a ramp, and the team head into the tunnel with Jannela’s Foxtrotting lights illuminating the way.

There is a side room with maps and the like, and Ronn, Shad, and Jannela pour in to check it out, leaving Gwynn and Serpenthelm out in the hall… which is when the wall to our left reforms as the elemental and moves to close off the room to the right! Behind it, Gwynn and Serpenthelm are surprised by the sudden appearance of… [sorry, no spoilers!!]. At this point, the party is split into two and unaware of what is befalling the other group. Chances are that it’s not good.

Cadarian sunshine
Back to the dungeon, our good ol resting place, full of happy memories, cherished loved ones. Okay, well maybe the memories are terrible medusa filled nightmares, and loved ones area single, unfortunately petrified semi-manservant we barely know. Either way, we’re back under Cadar, ready to resume, whatever it was we were doing before we jumped through that interesting portal into the misty labyrinth.

The party reunites themselves with the loot left behind in the box of holding. Janella decides to take a closer look at the enchanted carpet. Turns out it should serve to act as a portal between the two worlds stitched into the carpet. Judging by the shadowy depiction of the ‘other’ world on the carpet, Ronn geniusly infers that it probably represents the shadow realm from which most of Shadowspawn’s and thus the rest of os’ problems come from.
The group puts their heads together to remember the details of Cadar, the past (several) days having muddled their memories. The ruler of the city is the Lady Scentha. The group heads up to street level to see what’s new. The plan is to find a shop or a tavern to get reacquainted with what’s going down in Cadar. The group peaks out into the main square to see what is undoubtedly war preparations. The battle mages are getting ready for a fight. Apparently tensions we left behind have not settled. A quick thinking, ruggedly handsome Ronn Tellius quickly dismisses Shadowstone’s craven suggestion that we flee into the night and disguises himself as an intelligence officer in the Mage army. The group uses this disguise to enter a tavern, a distantly familiar tavern where trouble had been raised before by the pugilistic Shadowspawn. Before heading into the tavern, it should be noted that cooler heads returned the chest to the underground hideout. After some light carousing in the tavern we discover that as we expected the Prince is on the march, and is very close to Cadar.
We make our way into the main square where the command tent is located. After some forceful words, we win ourselves an audience with the Lady Scentha, armed with the knowledge of the anti-magic powder that can only spell certain doom for the magical forces of Cadar. We are presented to the war council, many well dressed folk surround the table, looking quite important indeed.
Ronn tries valiantly (and handsomely) to deliver the message. Shadowspawn tries to add his piece, but is met with classist derision at the gall of this manservant to speak out of turn. Seeing that the jig is up, Ronn drops the disguise spell and tries good old fashioned honesty.
To the dungeon!! Last time we try that angle…
Gwynn quickly defeats the locks on his manacles, and checks out our barren accommodations. After some time in the dungeon deciding whether death during valiant escape, or death by starvation during a siege would be preferable our ears are alerted to the approach of several people toward our cell.
The visitors are none other than the Lady Scentha and her advisor. We try again to convince the lady, and Gwynn suggests that she use some magical influence on us in order to guarantee the truth of our words. They leave and return shortly thereafter with a candle of truthtelling. We pass on all of our experience with the Prince’s forces and the anti-magic powder. Ronn is overcome by a stuck tongue during this exchange, somehow unable to recount just how heroic his contributions to the quest so far were. Convinced by our words, the Lady tells us that she believes that her chief Intelligence officer, Xanthar is a double agent and must keep us imprisoned for the time being as to avoid suspicion. She then gives us a quest. We are to follow and kill Xanthar, and if possible, discover who his contacts in the Prince’s lands might be. Shadowspawn remembers an old contact from Urlisia named Rutger who was talking to someone from the south.
After Xanthar departs the town we are released to follow. Hurried to the exits of the town we are again on our way.

Serpy unelashes Sam who quickly discovers the location of the villainous convoy. With Sam’s help we follow the party to a ruin.
Shadowspawn enters the shadows to scout the location. He returns with a map, and a cough. We begin to formulate a plan, Gwynn gives us a last minute magical inspiration and we prepare for battle.

January 25 Serp's version of the truth
Still underground. Do we save Rue?

January 25, 2017

Going done the stairs where I got poisoned, its 1325 afternoon. Metal stairs, metal door…they’re kinda chilly. Stairs are dusty. SS thinks the stairs will turn into a slide.
Shad carries the spying shield. We push the dead naga down the stairs. She doesn’t go far. We hook ourselves to the door and I fly around with my bat cloak. I see nothing and its get s really dark. I barely am able to fly back with my cloak. Gwinn climbs down the stairs and pushes the naga a bit and it gets momentum and triggers the slide and its super slippery too. We feed him down….then he comes up again. Gwinn says there is a pit at the bottom. He could see with a torch. There are 3 levers, one which has been tripped. Before the pit the hallway goes left. We all go down single file. We are on a metal platform and its 5-10 degrees. SS sees Charduni runes on the levers. It’s a magical and mechanical device. The naga likely triggered the lever and tore the rope going by. The runes say it’s a faithfulness test. Jann sends down her dancing lights. The pit is 50 ‘ deep and the naga is down there. The triggered lever is put back and the stairs return. The other levers cause blackness and remove the sound. I go down the pit with the cloak. There is a door down there with no handle and other long dead thing. We get back together and continue down the stairs. Gwinn who is in front sees 3 skeletons holding loading crossbows. RT disguises himself as a charduni and engages the skeletons. Jan sends out dancing lights (30’). Gwinn tries to disarm one successfully. It tries to slash him but misses.
RT gets hit. Swarm of 12 more skeletons swarm in. RT gets a hit with a war hammer and kills 11. Jann gets a fire ball in. kill 9. 2 left. Sadly Jan singes RT and Gwinn. I kill one there is one left. I kill the last one.

The lich appears…the one we traded with before and he has 12 skeletons and 4 big undead skeletons with him.
***sense motive creates the target and the bluff is the attack.
We trade the shield to get back to the portal.

At the portal the two clay un-animated golems await. They are slighty bruised from our last encounter. We sneak by them by being smelless and invisible. They activate but don’t go bizerk. On the other side our chest awaits with Rue and Medussa’s wrapped head and a carpet. The magic carpet is conguration.
We decide to go to town and maybe get some loot and a cleric to heal the folk stoned by the Medusa. The knotted rope is lost.

Even more.....

Continue to explore the dusty empty area. Searched a room, transfered to a jail cell after a run in with flaming traps, managed to get out and then encountered a nasty naga. I managed to take down several trapped doors; we got through fairly well.

From dungeons to deserts
Star date Nov 15th, 2016 log by Serpenthelm

November 15th, 2016

Shadowspawn is finally free from his link to the dark sinister sorceress but, now, all of her careful devious planning to….to take over the world?….to control all inhabitants on Scarn? …has come to nothing. She is very unhappy. Her enraged shrieking is the first clue as to how she’s feeling and all the awful spells she keeps throwing at us is another. I am still under the influence of her hold spell when she casts a horrible cold spell! We are all hit, Vipette and Jann worse than the others.

Now interestingly enough, Shadowspawn has been schlepping around a powerful magical dagger, which returns to the user when thrown. He picked it up the same time we picked up our new toys from the Medusa’s treasure pile, and her bag of holding….

Bag of holding
(It’s a 35 lb bag of holding. Which can hold 1000lbs and 150 cubic feet) We had put stone cold Rue in the bag.

From inside the bag we pull out:
Serp-a gorgeous beautifully carved compound long-bow. It doubles the distance I can hit without penalty 220ft!! with +2 hit &damage.
Serp-Candle of truth, (faint enchantment creates a zone of truth 5’ radius lasts 1 hour Will DC 13 negates effect. 2500gp)
Ronn-a throwing war hammer-(powerful, dwarven thrower, like Wolfgars hammer, returns if you’re a dwarf +2 against giants or D8 damage)
Ronn a staff not sure how it works but maybe we can give it away as a bribe…
Jann-scroll case with a scroll that has many spells (arcane teleport. Reduce person. elemental body 3rd level., stone shape and reverse gravity, )
Jann-a pearl of power can hold a spell and let it go when you want. ,
Jann-rolled up rug- powerful, transportation spell. Left behind
Gwinn-a blue ring –transmutation ring of water breathing,
Gwinn-a bluish reddish potion –transmutation.
Shadowspawn-dagger-powerful, an artifact of some sort. /returns when thrown

…He has used it now and again but for the most part has kept it hidden because he hasn’t known the extent of its powers. For months now SS has been living in fear of death or worse from the spell the evil sorceress cast upon him. Finally free, he relishes the idea of telling her exactly how he has felt to be used as a pawn to do her bidding. The name is Shadowspawn not Shadowpawn he extorts. Forgetting for a moment his gutlessness, he lunges at her and plunges his dagger deep into her heart. Amazed at his own courage he steps back in astonishment. The dagger starts to glow, the sorceress starts to convulse, the shadows exclaim “we got her, we got her!” Before our very eyes, the dagger and the dark sinister sorceress dissolve into nothing. How bloody lucky is that!!

The Gypsie returns, and say’s “that’s some dagger! For your troubles, I’ll send you back to the entryway”

On the way there, we suddenly, magically become more powerful!
Ranger 7, bard 1
Back at the gateway we meet the undead sentries, ignore them, rest and lick our wounds.

After a nights rest, we continue up the stairs, away…. away from the damn maze, the endless water, weird gravitational flip flops, sharks, elementals, a rust monster, blue sturges, a hideous malevolent incorporeal face , golems , undead…away from it all with dreams of sugar plum fairies and mulled wine. Onward, one foot in front of the other, towards the sun and green fertile soils. One more flight of stairs, we’re almost there. Oh look “qu’elle surprise” more undead creatures blocking our path…or are they? The main undead dude is in the hallway, waiting for us. In fact he’s still holding the magical staff we had given it in exchange for free passage. He casts a spell on all of us and we disappear and reappear outside, somewhere. Our entire team has been transported atop a wide staircase. Large brass doors sit at one end enticingly awaiting our exploration. We unbelievably are in the desert. The sky is blue and the air is hot and dusty. I can’t find the mulled wine, however I would settle for a beer. RT thinks we are in a parallel universe of some sort. Perhaps, he surmises, we came through the portal to lands protected by the giant animated golems. Let it be known that I am very doubtful regarding this theory. RT is always telling tales! We are beside a temple, which is enshrouded with a magical aura. SS tries to unlock the door using help from the gang. The door is barred on the inside…no problem, child’s play says Shadowspam. We walk in. It’s the same type of architecture as before. There is a dais with a sculpture of the god, Chardune. We exit via stage left. Two skeletons are standing guard. There are tapestries on the walls and the carpets on the floor are dusty. Evidently skeletons are not the best house-keepers. We continue exploring and find a magical trap door, which SStones easily disables with a little help from his friends. Cozy room, nobody to bug us, we rest some more.

RT disguises himself as a Charduni priest, it’s really his best look. We enter another room where there is a smaller sculpture of Chardune. RT, in disguise orders it to stand aside. The sculpture is convinced and stands aside. Through the doors there is a treasure trove of magical items, armor and journals written in ancient Charduni. It looks like a military campaign supply ledger. The room has a dwarven cleanliness to it. I look closely and see a beautifully forged great axe with matching chainmail. I look at the items wistfully until my companions finally beg me to take them. SS can’t take his eyes off the morning star shocker. “Oh the fun I could have” he exclaims. We give it to him. Ronn takes the latest journal hoping to find fodder for a tale or two. I know after all that SS has been through he is feeling deeply satisfied with his new toy. Gazing lovingly at my new axe and armor, so am I. We leave with the loot.
Serp Cloak of the bat
Serp Magical scale mail 1(AC6).
Serp Great Axe +1 keen

SS Morning star shocker d8 +d6 +1
Shield heavy steel studded shield +5

Shadowspawn is free!
so close..

July 18, 2016

We find our Wu’jen in a pit up to their ankles in burning coals. We are protected by Gwinn’s anti fire spells thank Titan! Three out of 4 Fire Elementals remain and want to roast us like wieners. Why bother with a bunch of scrawny half elves and a halfling I wonder. Hmmm they must be attracted to the meat on Ronn. Enough reflexion Serp get in there before the fun is over! Gwinn hits! Ronn hits! FE misses Jann who, by the way, is still a water elemental. Gwinn kills another. I get burnt! 30%3rd degree burns. Stings a little. Ronn hits again. FE misses Jann again. Ronn and I are standing in a puddle of water from one of Jann’s spells. Gwinn flanks the FE and hits. FE hits Ronn. Jann wets the floor….ahhh creates another puddle of water around Gwinn. All of a sudden 1 FE disappears! Likely SS’s giving a one-two punch from the shadows. Ronn and I hit the remaining FE. It puts me on fire. Jannela puts me out. We put it out! Good bye!

We regroup. Jann once again drenches the room. Ronn open the portal in the floor. There is a burning hot metal ladder below. SS is already down there tapping his foot impatiently waiting for us to stop fooling around. Jann wets the stairs to cool them off. We descend the ladder after SS and meet an Air elemental. Not sure what happening but the room is illuminated with magical light. It’s a 40foot drop from the bottom of the ladder so Ronn swoops Gwinn down with a flying spell. I climb down on my rope. Jann climbs down like only a water elemental can!!?

We examine what seems to be the ten thousandth chamber in the ruins. There is a big door on one side with a key hole 4’ above the ground. The wall on either side of the door has some expertly done carvings and stone-work on it. Likely not Charduni in origin as it’s unfinished. It seems to resemble a far off landscape. Ronn recognizes a mountain which no longer exists. From before the divine wars. Misty Mountain, he recalls is sadly, now in the ocean. The floor in the chamber is rough and covered in unmarked dust. Gwinn thinks there is a magical trap on the door. Jann becomes human again though her clothes are wet and clingy. Nice look Jannela. Ronn is quite touched by the carvings. It reminds him of the old days, when times were simpler and all he had to do was tell tales and drink ale. He looks through the crack and sees the tumbler mechanism of the lock. The doors runes are broken. There is no magic. We manage to open the door. Beyond the door it is quite dark so Ronn puts on the charduni belt. With the belt he can see half hewn rocks and rubble below. Jannela puts on the bat cloak and flies down to check it out. She finds a big pile of rock and a round ring carved into the stone. There is also a rack space on the wall where abandoned giant shovels and picks are stored. Inside the dust-free carved circle there is magic. SS, with help from Ronn and Gwinn, finds a powerful magical trap (DC40) and disables it. We are all quite excited by this discovery as we feel we might be approaching our goal! SS succeeds in picking the lock with everyone helping. It takes all our might to push the door open and when it does it slams into the wall. We see a large hallway, which ends in an archway. Here we find runes glowing and operational. Beyond the room are a bunch of musty old carpets. The runes on the archway read “End the holding pattern”. Across the room is a dais with THE long sought after ORB floating on it.

We plan our next and most crucial move. Once SS goes to reset the trap, Jann will mage hand the trap into the room after Ronn activates the carpet by walking on it. I’m doing rear guard in case dark sinister arrives. SS thinks she ‘s around. SS is going into the shadows. Gwinn casts weaken on SS (calls it guidance on all of us). Ronn steps into the room with his shield to activate the supposed carpet monster. We see a flash and then a cross-legged man dressed in robes appears sitting in the air. He looks like a genie with rings on his fingers and bells on his toes. “Well now you don’t look Charduni!’ he says. RT says “But I am. Who are you?”
Dark sinister appears and says, “you have to wish the orb out. Most people are greedy and wish for money, not the orb”. The gypsy says, “the chosen one must be the one who makes a wish”. Ronn Tellius is the chosen one…or so he indicated once. Now it seems he is being taken seriously. SS comes out of the shadows. Not knowing what to do I shoot at the shadow queen and miss. SS aims with his dagger and misses. SS hears in his head yes lets get her. He feels ineffectual. The dark lady casts a hold spell on me, Jann and SS. Jann breaks free. With time running out (we had 10 minutes to ask a question before getting sent out by gypsy Rose, Gwinn runs around and hits her with his poisoned dagger. Doesn’t work. Vipette stays in the hood. SS misses. RT misses. I am held, probably forever. Gwinn moves behind to flank her, stabs and misses. The dark queen tries to casts another spell and fails. SS takes another hit to his constitution and hit points. Gypsy Rose casts something and puts dark sinister into a column of inability. Jann and SS do nothing. RT is sweating and panicky! He knows he only has one shot to save Shadowspawn and his brave Wu’jen companions. He thinks back to a time when wishes were made. He remembers that compound sentences are allowed and thinks that perhaps if the orb were to fall in the dark queens possession, it would allow her to exist in the material plain and give her extra powers. RT finally musters up his courage and says, “Genie, I wish that our comrade SS be free from the queens curse”. It works! The curse is gone. SS feels free. Rose says my work is done here and disappears . The hold on the queen is gone too. SS keeps the dex bonus but the bomb is out of his chest. Relief! The queen, shrieking, enraged, casts a spell. EXTERMINATE! She wants to destroy us all.

from my notes...please edit
Elementals-oh Joy

April 19,2016

I light a candle. Jann casts a ray of enfeeblement to the earth elemental.
She manages to decrease its strength by -2. I damage it with my arrow in the eye and get one of its red gem eyes. Ronn is hit again and is bleeding (-8) Jann stuns it with a high-level scroll spell which freezes it. It gets stoned. Gwinn heals RT to (-3). I do more damage to the EE. Jann spreads her oil-cloth tarp behind it in the hopes of breaking its contact with the ground and diminishing its strength. Gwinn shoves healing magic berries in RT’s mouth. (0) EE still stunned. RT heals himself to +19. I miss. Jann put on her cloak and grabs the rope. I shoot out the other eye. Gwinn uses a sneak attack from behind its head and slashes with Keanu Reaver for 12 damage and it creaks and crumbles to the ground. I get the 2 eyeball gem. We pick up our stuff and regroup. We check out the space and find grey walls. Center of the room is the warmest. Magic is sensed underground. We rest and do the watch. Heal up. Afterwards, I dig down 3 feet and hit metal resulting in a flash. A pair of medium sized EE rise up to get us. SS hits one. One EE hit Gwinn. I miss. RT inspires courage and does damage. Jann shoots and hits. EE hits SS ouch! RT keeps singing and throws the warhammer for the kill! It crumbles to the ground narrowly missing Gwinn. SS uses acrobatics to get behind the other one to stab. I kill it! Crumbling it hurts SS. The others share the other 4 green eye gems.

Where I was digging there are runes and another submarine type hatch. We disable the device. Very hot to the touch. Gwinn can cast resist heat so we can go through the portal. We open it and smell coal smoke. SS goes into the shadows to check it out by climbing down his non burning silk rope. SS comes back after 4 min. He whispers that there is a fire elemental (FE) waiting for us that sensed him. We go down the silk rope. We are properly prepared for the heat. Vipette is back in the tube. Its 90 degrees C. Jann puts the bat cloak and mage armor on and goes down there. There are 4 fire elementals waiting for us. Jann becomes a water elemental. RT starts a tune and misses. Water elemental attacks me. Ouch -3. Gwinn attacks for 8 damage. I step back 5 feet and shoot for 19 damage with two attacks. Gwinn hits. Jann hits. I shoot a critical and smoke out elemental 1…3 left. RT misses. SS does something from the shadows.


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