Scarn 16 After

Are we headed up?

"That is future us's problem" - RT

We start the session with a brief review of our situation… We are near an alcove. no wall, back is grey mist. There is also a brief ceremony where Hero Points are awarded. Everyone gets one, cause we are all so awesome.

Play starts with Gwynn tossing a giblet. RT detects magic and finds strong alteration. Stones finds runes which are different from the previously found trigger runes. Janella tries to decipher “these are Barrier Runes, not Trigger Runes”. Serp ties a rope to her arrow and fires through the mist. The Rope slows but doesn’t fall to the ground. We pull the rope back and get 1/2 a broken arrow.

“Canary Stones” is volunteered to go into the mist with a rope around his chest in a cross your heart bra style. Upon returning 3 seconds later, said it felt like 1 second. He is pushed back into the mist for 10 seconds, but didn’t even have time to gather his wits before he was pulled out.
We formalise a test and send him in for 90 seconds. He gets to a count of 8, so we’re looking at a 11:1 time ratio. In his 8 seconds, Canary Stones is able to discern a large corridor with a lectern about 50ft (17m) “There may be a book there”

RT heals the team. Thanks Ron, and then we all head into the mist. The mist is 4ft(1.3m) thick at the door then no mist. It seems to be magical night and sure enough there is a lectern on a dias. Additionally there is a large runic circle in the middle of the floor, 1/2 way down the corridor. Janella is able to read “STASIS” “TIME” “SUMMON?” or maybe “CONJURE?” Here the water sounds "faster’ kind of higher pitched.

Jan bats it up and flys to the lectern and in doing so, triggers the floor runes.

There is indeed a book. “good eyes Canary Stones” Black, leather, attache style. She can read "power word "STUN""

Jan tries to remove the book and a blue cage appears. Canary Stones slashes at the cage and makes a small wound, but triggers the runes and 2 Beetles appear.
Serp and Gwynn valiantly hit for 21. RT casts “Haste”
Gwynn hits for another 4 and Vipet spring attacks for 3 plus poison, giving 2CON damage.

Jan tries dispel magic – Nope
Stones attacks the cage again.
Serp attacks and takes out Beetle #1 but provokes an attack of opportunity from #2 and all of a sudden, her bracers and rusted away – GONE.
Serp attacks #2 for 7
End of Round
Monster attacks Serp’s breast plate… GONE.
Canary Stones misses
Gwynn backstabs for 17
Jan attacks the cage for 7
Serp hits for 15 but loses axe to rust – GONE
Vipet hits for 1
RT valiantly hides in a corner and sings to courage, giving +2’s to all
Gwynn Saps the monster into submission

notes get a little disjointed here….

Jan and RT go back through the mist to study the book
CS takes robe and checks for traps
Gwynn makes breast plate of Blue Energy (+4) for Serp

Spell book has 3 spells CL15
Power word “STUN” 8th level wiz
Mislead 6th level
Elemental Body 2

can use like a scroll or sell them

The group heals and sleeps – sleep, funny that. Over to you Gwynn…

We go do some exploring. Tie a rope to Gwynn and a rung and send him out 90 seconds. 2 tugs for return. Gwynn can’t see much, murky. 40ft for 90. get 2 tugs and pull him back.
“Fucking Shark”, new gills.

Serp’s new armor is stable in water.

Jan checks the area as a bat and sees the shark, but nothing else in the murky water.

We call it a night.


DMC TheDuke

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