Scarn 16 After

I'm a Ranger Not a Mushroom


First of all, this is a messed up labyrinth with a wacky gravitational problem. Second of all, these water works are getting on my nerves!! Where are the hills and mountains and forests!!?? I’m a ranger for titan’s sake not a mushroom! Lastly these sharks, skeletons and giant mosquitoes are really pissing me off!! They have clearly been brainwashed into protecting this dung infested dusty, moldy, poor excuse for so called superior Charduni craftsmanship, ruins. HRUMPHHH!

I digress.

Lest we forget, our current purpose, other then to save these titan ravaged people from all the hooligans, ruffians and monsters roaming about, is to find whatever the hell dark sinister wants us to find in these god forsaken labyrinths (assuming these are the correct labyrinths), return it to her (so she can rule the world) in order to have whatever the hell is in Shadowspawn’s chest, threatening to snuff him out at the blink of an eye, removed. Then we still have to return to the north and save Scarn from the scary army that is being amassed and armored with an even scarier arsenal of mass destruction, capable of sucking all magic from anything that could possibly oppose them.

Sooooo, to continue the tale of our trek through these absolutely irritating tunnels and sewers….Gwinn upon further exploration of the area on the other side of the waterfall sees a metal cable. He climbs along it for a while before returning. Not exiting enough in that direction he yawns. Since that direction doesn’t seem very promising, we reverse and climb up the ladder. At the top, the water flows horizontally – see what I mean about messed up gravity?? When we fell through the hole, we went through our first reverse gravitational area. There are many such areas around here. The water is only 5’ deep here and a cable goes along the floor/roof/whatever! Gwinn goes through the water using the ring to breathe since his tiny frame is completely submerged. Janella goes next after feeling two jerks on the rope from Gwinn (we are all still roped together). Moments after she starts off the rope goes slack because she meets Gwinn who is scrabbling back and looking like he’s seen a shark. SHARK!

Naturally we have a burning desire to get in there and tame the shark but first we need to figure out how best to keep Vipette from drowning. An empty water skin does the trick. Girls first, Jann and I go back into the water. How bad can one shark be? The others follow.

Well there are 3 sharks damnit and one bites my leg the fucker. On his next pass it bites my leg again! I hit the poor excuse for cartilage with one of my 2 arrows. Small satisfaction. I kill it with another arrow. Better! Ronn stabs one of them. Jann claws another. Gwinn misses but then hits it on his next try. SS hits it with his draconic dagger. He is still not sure of its powers yet but making the little minnow bleed sure felt good! Jann grapples one of them, kills it and lifts it out of the water. We try to kill the third, Gwinn stumbles, I miss and finally RT stabs it right in the gills through to the heart just as it was nibbling on SS. Triumphantly I skin one, hopefully I can sell the leather for more masterworks arrows if we ever see the light of day again!

After Gwinn airs out Vipette, we carry on. Four large submerged charduni runic symbols (10×10) are on the ground. One is glowing. We suggest that SS should touch the glowing one with his draconic dagger. That bonehead move summons a 11 ‘ shark weighing 774lb. Gwinn hits it for a max of 4. I hit for 4. SS hits for 1. Jann takes a potion of greater strength. RT hits for 8. The shark monster misses Jann. Ronn now flanking the shark hits for another 8. Jann now stronger, misses anyway. Gwinn hits for 4 again right in the nether region. I give the final coup de grace with my bow. See ya mf!

Gwinn, always thinking sums it up; 4 runes = 4 sharks!! DOH!

We continue in the water up to the tube (reddish alloy metal). There are a bunch of other runes about which we don’t understand. Four runes are glowing ahead. Wisely we go around them. I think we’re done with sharks for a while. The current along here is quite strong and with the limited light we cannot even see the edges of this torrent. There is a waterfall ahead and behind us. It is easily 200’ across, forward and behind. We approach the waterfall. Protecting the waterfall like a dam is a line of rocks. Likely another trap. Small runic writings are inscribed on the rocks. Probably summons more freakin sharks to attack us. Jannela bat cloaks us all over the rocks. The current is more of a violent flow here. Gwinn and Jannela lose their footing and start tumbling down the waterfall. Miraculously, SS and I manage to hold them and pull them back up. Winded however, we can’t pull them out of the falls. After many, many attempts we pull the two waterlogged Wu’Jen out of the water and back to our side.

We still want to cross however and finally Gwinn gets to the other side, finds a ladder and ties himself off. Jann tries next but falls. Thankfully, we have tied both ends of the rope tied off but we are all stuck in the falls for what seems like forever!!!!. Ronn cuts the rope and RT and SS slam against the stairs. I’m stuck in the deluge and get my fill of shark water for awhile. We all climb up the ladder and get to the room where we hope there will be more treasure, no sharks and perhaps some answers!


DMC johnmatic

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