Scarn 16 After

Into the metal web - part 2

Into the metal web – 2.0
Weapons collected, and strays gathered, the party gathers their wits and takes in their surroundings. They’ve fallen into a veritable web of metal cables. The air feel s damp and cold, and it is eerily dark. From the distance rushing water can be heard.
Gwynn takes a look around the base of the pole, but finds nothing. The group departs to explore,, deciding to follow a right hand rule in order to avoid getting lost. Gwynn is recounting his amazing skills of perception when the group is suddenly assailed by small flying monsters. Serpenthelm enters the fray with her bow; while Janella uses her magical skills to burn some of the tiny blood suckers with a flaming sphere. The beasts suck the lifeblood from our party to great effect, and the flyers are identified as stirges.
Gwynn chops one to death, and two of the beasts latch onto Serpenthelm and Shadowspawn, causing some serious damage to their constitution. The brave Ronn Tellius starts singing and soon the party is done with their assailants, licking their wounds, and desperately wishing they had more of their life blood intact.
The party decides that some rest is in their best interest. Serpenthelm provides some long term care while the group struggles to stay comfortable suspended in the iron web. Upon waking, Gwynn uses some duidic magic to restore some constitution to Ronn and Serpenhtelm.
Gwynn discovers small runes on the cabling that seems to be related to the arrival of the stirges. The group decides to construct a rope bridge to bypass the runes. Unfortunately Shad triggers the runes, which results in a new batch of stirges arriving to drain our brave heroes once again.
Serpenthelm is left barely standing after this encounter with the Stirges, leading the party to rest once again, regaining some of the lost lifeblood.
Janella suggests at this time, that we stop with all the careful crawling, and does some bat-suit exploration. Janella discovers that there is a waterfall on one end of the massive chamber, though this waterfall is rather unusual in that the water flows up… Janella discovers a chain line that leads into the waterfall, she then bat-suits the team one by one to safety just outside waterfall. They follow the line into the waterfall, and are shocked when the world flips on them, and down suddenly becomes up, resulting in them falling to the ceiling. They discover a ladder, that they climb leading to a chamber with a chest sitting at the back of it.
The group takes their time with the strange chest, and after some carful cutting and application of grease, they manage to open the chest, and save the runes inscribed on top, safely stowing them in case they come up with a use for them in the future.
The chest in filled with several potions of restoration and water breathing. Under the potions, a false bottom reveals a scroll of interposing hand.
The group climbs a ladder from the chamber, and find themselves at a similar chain line leading in to the waterfall, which is now falling in the correct direction. It proves quite difficult to battle through the waterfall, but Gwynn is successful, and discovers that the other end is under water, underneath the web the party was previously exploring.


DMC LordFowlie

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