Scarn 16 After

Shadowspawn is free!

so close..

July 18, 2016

We find our Wu’jen in a pit up to their ankles in burning coals. We are protected by Gwinn’s anti fire spells thank Titan! Three out of 4 Fire Elementals remain and want to roast us like wieners. Why bother with a bunch of scrawny half elves and a halfling I wonder. Hmmm they must be attracted to the meat on Ronn. Enough reflexion Serp get in there before the fun is over! Gwinn hits! Ronn hits! FE misses Jann who, by the way, is still a water elemental. Gwinn kills another. I get burnt! 30%3rd degree burns. Stings a little. Ronn hits again. FE misses Jann again. Ronn and I are standing in a puddle of water from one of Jann’s spells. Gwinn flanks the FE and hits. FE hits Ronn. Jann wets the floor….ahhh creates another puddle of water around Gwinn. All of a sudden 1 FE disappears! Likely SS’s giving a one-two punch from the shadows. Ronn and I hit the remaining FE. It puts me on fire. Jannela puts me out. We put it out! Good bye!

We regroup. Jann once again drenches the room. Ronn open the portal in the floor. There is a burning hot metal ladder below. SS is already down there tapping his foot impatiently waiting for us to stop fooling around. Jann wets the stairs to cool them off. We descend the ladder after SS and meet an Air elemental. Not sure what happening but the room is illuminated with magical light. It’s a 40foot drop from the bottom of the ladder so Ronn swoops Gwinn down with a flying spell. I climb down on my rope. Jann climbs down like only a water elemental can!!?

We examine what seems to be the ten thousandth chamber in the ruins. There is a big door on one side with a key hole 4’ above the ground. The wall on either side of the door has some expertly done carvings and stone-work on it. Likely not Charduni in origin as it’s unfinished. It seems to resemble a far off landscape. Ronn recognizes a mountain which no longer exists. From before the divine wars. Misty Mountain, he recalls is sadly, now in the ocean. The floor in the chamber is rough and covered in unmarked dust. Gwinn thinks there is a magical trap on the door. Jann becomes human again though her clothes are wet and clingy. Nice look Jannela. Ronn is quite touched by the carvings. It reminds him of the old days, when times were simpler and all he had to do was tell tales and drink ale. He looks through the crack and sees the tumbler mechanism of the lock. The doors runes are broken. There is no magic. We manage to open the door. Beyond the door it is quite dark so Ronn puts on the charduni belt. With the belt he can see half hewn rocks and rubble below. Jannela puts on the bat cloak and flies down to check it out. She finds a big pile of rock and a round ring carved into the stone. There is also a rack space on the wall where abandoned giant shovels and picks are stored. Inside the dust-free carved circle there is magic. SS, with help from Ronn and Gwinn, finds a powerful magical trap (DC40) and disables it. We are all quite excited by this discovery as we feel we might be approaching our goal! SS succeeds in picking the lock with everyone helping. It takes all our might to push the door open and when it does it slams into the wall. We see a large hallway, which ends in an archway. Here we find runes glowing and operational. Beyond the room are a bunch of musty old carpets. The runes on the archway read “End the holding pattern”. Across the room is a dais with THE long sought after ORB floating on it.

We plan our next and most crucial move. Once SS goes to reset the trap, Jann will mage hand the trap into the room after Ronn activates the carpet by walking on it. I’m doing rear guard in case dark sinister arrives. SS thinks she ‘s around. SS is going into the shadows. Gwinn casts weaken on SS (calls it guidance on all of us). Ronn steps into the room with his shield to activate the supposed carpet monster. We see a flash and then a cross-legged man dressed in robes appears sitting in the air. He looks like a genie with rings on his fingers and bells on his toes. “Well now you don’t look Charduni!’ he says. RT says “But I am. Who are you?”
Dark sinister appears and says, “you have to wish the orb out. Most people are greedy and wish for money, not the orb”. The gypsy says, “the chosen one must be the one who makes a wish”. Ronn Tellius is the chosen one…or so he indicated once. Now it seems he is being taken seriously. SS comes out of the shadows. Not knowing what to do I shoot at the shadow queen and miss. SS aims with his dagger and misses. SS hears in his head yes lets get her. He feels ineffectual. The dark lady casts a hold spell on me, Jann and SS. Jann breaks free. With time running out (we had 10 minutes to ask a question before getting sent out by gypsy Rose, Gwinn runs around and hits her with his poisoned dagger. Doesn’t work. Vipette stays in the hood. SS misses. RT misses. I am held, probably forever. Gwinn moves behind to flank her, stabs and misses. The dark queen tries to casts another spell and fails. SS takes another hit to his constitution and hit points. Gypsy Rose casts something and puts dark sinister into a column of inability. Jann and SS do nothing. RT is sweating and panicky! He knows he only has one shot to save Shadowspawn and his brave Wu’jen companions. He thinks back to a time when wishes were made. He remembers that compound sentences are allowed and thinks that perhaps if the orb were to fall in the dark queens possession, it would allow her to exist in the material plain and give her extra powers. RT finally musters up his courage and says, “Genie, I wish that our comrade SS be free from the queens curse”. It works! The curse is gone. SS feels free. Rose says my work is done here and disappears . The hold on the queen is gone too. SS keeps the dex bonus but the bomb is out of his chest. Relief! The queen, shrieking, enraged, casts a spell. EXTERMINATE! She wants to destroy us all.


DMC JoAnneMarcoux

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