Gwynn Pipet

elusive little halfling rogue with the moves of an acrobat and the bite of a viper


Gwynn Pipet – Character Sheet rogue 3 : druid 1 halfling

Abilities –
Str: 10 (0) B.A.b. = 3 (Rogue3 = +2 ; halfling = +1)
int: 12 (
Wis: 14 (2) AC = 17 (1 halfling; 4 Dex; +2 Leather)
Dex: 18 (
Con: 10 (0) hp = 20
Cha: 11 (0)

feats –
wpn finesse (light melee wpns use dex bonus to hit)
point blank shot (+1 att/dam within 30 feet)

savings throws
fort = +4
reflex = +8
will = +6 / +8 vs fear

def fighting (-2 att / 3 ac due to acrobat skill >3)
total defense (
6 Ac due to acrobat skill >3)

percept: 2hlf 2wis 2skil 3cs = 9
climb: 2hlf 4skil 3Cs = 9
stealth: 4hlf 4dex 4skil 3cs = 15
acrobat: 2hlf 4dex 4skil 3cs = 13
disab dev: 4dex 1rog 1skil 3cs = 9
escap art: 4dex 2skil 3cs = 9
slght hnd: 4dex 2skil 3cs = 9
crft pois: 1int 4skil 3cs = 8
appraise: 1int = 1
bluff: 1skil 3cs = 4
disguise: 1skil 3cs = 4

hnd anm: 4skil 3cs (+4 Vipet) = 7
*consider druid wild empathy
ride: 4dex 1skil 3cs = 8
knwl nat: 2druid 1int 1skil 3cs = 7
survival: 2druid 2wis 1skil 3cs = 8
heal: 2wis = 2
sense mot: 2wis = 2
crft clth: 1int 1skil = 2
perf music: 1skill = 1

druid spell usage
0-level spells: 3 per day
1st-level spells: 2 per day

type doses dc dam

wolfsbane 1 dc16 d3con
viper 4 dc11 d2con
sm. spider 9 dc11 d2str
med spider 1 dc14 d2str
med scorpion 2 dc17 d2str
med centipede 1 dc13 d3dex
lrg centipede 2 dc16 d4dex

rogue skills/talents
fast stealth (stealth at norm spd)
trap finding (1 percep for traps)
evasion (reflx for 0 dam not ½)
trap sense (
1 reflx / 1 ac vs traps)
sneak attack (
2d6. ok to 30 feet)

throwing axe d4 10’ 2x
light crossbow d6 80’ 2×19/20
2 daggers d3 10’ 2×19/20
sap d4 no-lth 2x
+1 blowgun 2 20’ 2x

• leather armour
• silk rope 50’
• special hoodie w many pockets. vipet nestles in hood
• backpack, beltpouch, rain poncho
• manacles on 2’ chain w xtra key
• bag of caltrops
• sewing kit
• wood flute w blowgun underneath
• masterwork thieves’ tools
• crampons
• quiver w 20 bolts
• waterskin
• 2 vials of antitoxin

Magic items
• ring of detect poison
• potion of flying
• potion of speed


Gwynn Pipet –

Basic character stats:
• Race: halfling (male) - Size: 3’3”, 38 lbs
• Age: 29 – Class: 3rd-level Rogue; 1st-level Druid

Brief description:
• If you see a small, dark-haired, cloaked fella walking the streets of town, it’s probably not Gwynn Pipet; you likely wouldn’t notice Gwynn, not unless he wanted you to. One minute, you spot a tiny guy in a dark-gray hoodie sitting in a corner; then, something to the side catches your attention for just a moment – a dropped book? a woman’s laughter? a wet sneeze? – and when you look back, the chair now sits empty. THAT was probably Gwynn. At this point, if you mean harm to the little rogue, you would be wise to look up in the rafters, or behind you, or even under your nose – he could be hiding in the shadow of your mustache. Why should you fear someone smaller than one of your legs, you ask? The answer to that comes as you feel a blade slide into your hamstring and a burning sensation begin to creep into your blood. Some half-heard bit of rumour comes to mind then, that Gwynn is a master of poisons, and as you collapse to one knee, you realize that you may have underestimated your pint-sized quarry. However, if you come to him as a friend, he might still do the disappearing act; again, look up, look behind, look in the umbra of your mustache. You probably looked the wrong way, which you only discover as a glass of beer is lowered in front of your eyes gripped by the black tail of Gwynn’s companion animal, Vipet. The toothy end of that venomous snake wraps comfortably around the arm of a wee lad wearing a dark-gray hoodie and a big smile, resting on the unmoving blade of a ceiling fan overhead – THAT is undeniably Gwynn.

Allies, Adversaries, Contacts:
• Friendlies
o 1. Duq (real name: Duzel) – A fifteen-sixteenths human / one-sixteenth orc friend from my neighbourhood. A tall and burly fella from a young age, Duzel is a long-time worker at the Ore-Hole rock pit, where he has cracked rocks for meagre pay since we were teens. He was always a target for the other kids for his slightly protruding bottom incisors, which he tried to cover with his top lip, garnering him the handle of Duzel Duck. Now, he’ll bust anyone’s lip if they call him Duck, except for me – I tell him that I spell it with a “q”. Our lives have both been tough, but we have always felt acceptance and enjoyment in each other’s company. We look funny walking together as he outweighs me by 6 or 7 times, and I often just hop up on his shoulder to enjoy the view.
o 2. Ol’ Kent – distiller, human. Sells what the locals affectionately refer to as “Punch in the throat”. Ol’ Kent is all about the liquids. His fame may be in his swill, but he brews up all kinds of salves, lotions, potions, and medicines in his basement lab (the good stuff gets made in his secret sub-basement lab). I started working for Ol’ Kent after my stint with the Mormo druids, as my newly-acquired herbal knowledge and ability to get virtually anywhere unseen made me useful as an herb gatherer and specimen catcher. Ol’ Kent has 4 teeth and his mouth hangs in a loose jowelly scowl, but he can’t help busting into laughter when I suddenly surprise him at his bench by hanging down from his rafters, having snuck into the room unnoticed, and handing him the exact ingredient he needs at that moment. He has taught me some of his craft, and lets me use his lab for some of my own projects. He’s wary of my interest in poison, but supportive.
o Chang-ge-sok (CGS) – 6th-level rogue and my immediate superior (we call them “Bigshoes”) in the local thieves guild, the Black Slippers. He’s a bit of a megalomaniac and a sadist, but he’s been pretty good to me. He calls on me for certain jobs that require extreme stealth and discretion. For him, I’ve done my share of thefts, secret deliveries (like the time that Mack Walsh woke up to a bloody slipper resting on his pillow with a note saying: “Just a gentle reminder that your payment is now overdue”), and even one poisoning hit – I didn’t feel great about that one, but the guy was a douche and CGS said he needed to die, so I made it happen. I guess that’s the give-and-take of this line of work. Anyway, Chang-ge-sok gives me space and doesn’t lean on me like a lot of the other Bigshoes in the Black Slippers do to their charges. If I need some money, I go to Chang-ge-sok for a job; if he asks me to do a job, I try to do it. If I’m busy with something else, he’s fine with that.

• Unfriendlies
o Byarney Pipet – my uncle (dad’s brother). My dad died when I was still a toddler, and uncle Byarney pushed his way into our family’s lives, leeching off my mother’s fairly successful garment making/mending business (where I worked, too, for many years) to support his gambling exploits. After another argument with my ma – one that ended with him raining a series of blows upon her, I snuck into the room behind him and put a large sewing needle thru his left hand. He’s had a hate on for me ever since, and as he’s somewhat influential in the halfling community, he has often managed to put roadblocks in my path. Actually, I’m pretty unpopular in that community due to his meddling, so I basically try to have as little to do with them as I can.
o Tish Tab and Palan Tab – 2 halfling twin sister bitches from the Black Slippers, also under the rule of Chang-ge-sok. He’s pretty shitty to them, and they are jealous of the easy, mutually-respectful relationship that I enjoy with him; they are always plotting ways to make me pay. Like the time they netted me as I slept in my bed and punched me to a pulp in an intricately-orchestrated sting operation after Duq and I had enjoyed a night of moderate drinking (they had planned it down to lightly drugging my ale while the server was bringing it to my table, unbeknownst to me and to the server). Anyway, I hoped that that drubbing would get it out of their systems, but it only seems to have whetted their appetites. I’ve barely managed to avoid a few more of their traps since then. As I tried to fight them off during their most-recent ambush, Vipet had had enough and sank some fangs into Palan’s shoulder, calling an early quits to that attack. Word got out in the halfling community that I had poisoned Palan, so things have gotten even worse for me in town. Now that she has recovered, I’m sure that they will be even more vicious. If there’s one good thing that’s come from this, it’s that I’ve really learned a lot about keeping my guard up. It seems like a good time to get out of town with this Wu’Jin group.
o Sandilar Sheemer – a half-elf female that I met during my stay with the druids of Mormo. We got along really well at the start, but I soon realized that she was a bit of a psycho zealot for the cause. I made the mistake of letting on that I had really just been faking my interest in Mormo – I just wanted to learn about the poisons – and she went snake-shit on me!! She instantly ratted me out to the head druids, and it took all my rogueish talents of stealth and diversion to escape that commune with my life! The commune is about 40km west of town, but I still see her come in for supplies from time to time. I see her, but I make sure she doesn’t see me. That goes for all the Mormo druids – I don’t think I’m on their most-popular list.

Significant places in town for Gwynn in Urlisia
• the Ol’ Knob – a huge, derelict building from many years Before, situated on the west edge of town. It’s about 60% collapsed. Great place for jumping, running, hiding, and getting into trouble. Spent many days there in my youth. Tough spot at night.
• Working Beast – a place in town where people bring their animals to get tended to, whether it be re-shoeing horses, healing wounds, buying/selling, or anything else, they deal with it. I spent a few months working there a couple of years ago (mostly grunt work – feeding, brushing, etc.) but I liked it because of my love for animals. I still go there and volunteer to help out sometimes when I need to clear my head. Being with animals does that for me. I may have been feigning the Mormo worship, but my druid powers are real, and my affinity for the creatures of nature is real. I suppose that would make me a Denevian, but to be honest, I don’t give a shit about worship.
• Barley Punch – one of the local watering holes, and the one that Duq and I prefer. Ol’ Barley Ryan is our favorite barkeep there. He often tells us stories of when he was in a Wu’Jin group. He is a burly fella, and he tells us he used to be a pretty impressive fighter. His forearms are thicker than my chest, and we believe him. His great axe is strapped to the wall back behind the bar, and it looks as though it’s seen its fair share of cleaving. The serving gals have a few miles on them, but we flirt and they smile genuinely when they see us. One, Mila, usually pretends she doesn’t see me and sits on my lap as she says, “Oh, here’s an open chair”. I usually let her sit on me, but sometimes, I’ll throw a fork to clatter on the ground to the side as a distraction just as she tries to sit and I’ll slip away unnoticed. I usually reveal myself in dramatic fashion somewhere across the bar or hanging from the ceiling to cheers and laughter. Ya gotta love yer local!

People lost during the Divine War
• mother – 2 years After during a titanspawn raid. Of course, Uncle Byarney took the shop and all my family’s wealth.
• most of my local friends – this was before I started training to be a Rogue, and my friends were lads and lassies from the ‘hood. I saw how powerless we all were After and thought the Black Slippers were my best bet for learning how to protect myself. I had already learned to survive pretty well by myself through hiding, climbing, and tumbling, and they noticed my potential, so I became a Rogue in training in year 8 After.
• most of the local vendors in my area where we shopped and sold our family’s garments were killed in the initial Divine war.
• My first pet – a black cat named Afterthought. She took refuge in our shop and basement just after the Divine War ended and felt safe hanging around in my hoodie. She died on the end of an orc arrow during a titanspawn raid of Urlisia. She jumped out of my hood after being startled by the busting in of our side door, drawing the orc’s eye and aim. She probably saved me in the process, but I took careful note of that orc and followed him in shadow for the next couple of days, simmering with rage. I put a blade in his neck two nights later as he slept, avenging Afterthought. He was my first hit.

Gwynn Pipet

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