Janella Mageblood

Half-Elf Lvl 1 Rogue, Lvl 3 Sorceress. Brass Dragon


Janella Mageblood
Half Elf
lvl 1 Rogue, lvl 3 Sorceress, Brass Dragon
Female, 35yrs, 5’11", 145lb, Hair:brown, Eyes:violet

STR 10 (0)
DEX 17 (3)
CON 13 (
INT 10 (0)
WIS 14 (2)
CHA 16 (

HP 24 (+5 fire)
AC 14
Speed 30

Initiative +3(dex) +4(increased initiative)
Fortitude +1
Reflex +5
Will +2

Base Attack Bonus +1
CMB +1
CMD +14

0 known:5 Per Day:infinite
1 known:4 Per Day:5 +1
2 known:0 per day:0 +1
3 known:0 per day:0 +1
4 known:0 per day:
5 known:0 per day:
6 known:0 per day:

Detect Magic
Mage Hand
Dancing Lights

Mage Armor +1/die
Burning Hands
Summon Monster 1

Claws AB+4 crit ???? 2×1d4
Magic Dagger +1 AB+4 crit19-20/x2 1d4+1
Wand Firesheild AB+4 1d6+3
Light Crossbow AB+4 crit19-20/x2 1d8 range:80 bolts:20

Acrobatics +7
Bluff +3
Diplomacy +7
Disable Device +7
Disguise +7
Escape Artist +7
Fly +7
Heal +2
Intimidate +3
Perception +9
Profession Herbalist +6
Ride +3
Sense Motive +6
Sleight of Hand +7
Stealth +8
Survival +6
Use Magical Device +11

Languages Common. Elven

Skill Focus
Improved Initiative
Weapon Finesse

Blood Line Power
– Claws x6 per day
– Dragon Resistance
Rogue Talents
– Sneak Attack
– Trap Finding
Sorceress Talents
– Cantrips
– Eschew Materials
Blood Line Spell
– Mage Armour

Rope, Silk
Magnifying Glass
Thieves’ Tools
Explorer’s Outfit
Oil Cloth Tarp
Potion – Giant Strength
Potion – Fly


Janella was raised in what passes for an orphanage. If she meditates for a long time, she can see an elven face gazing down at her, but she cannot tell if it is her mother or her father.
She was taught to steal and sneak by other children in the orphanage as well as some of the administrators who used the children to enhance their incomes.
After years of learning, she became moderately skilled at pick pocketing and was able to do some slight of hand tricks, but because she was small and half elf,
she was often beaten and robbed of the items she had stolen by some of the larger children.

Janella underwent a life changing event one morning when she decided to stand up for herself.
Unfortunately the person she picked to stand up to, Cruamros Loreathern, was very strong and had some unscrupulous friends.
They took all her belongings and were in the process of “teaching her a lesson” when something happened inside her.
She doesn’t remember exactly what happened, because she was almost unconscious, but was later told that the people who were beating her suddenly erupted into flames.

The event happened outside a temple of Sarenrae, the goddess of fire, and was witnessed by a young acolyte named Asha Onyxarm.
He did not fully understand what he had seen, but knew it was it was important, and gathered her up and took her into the temple.
However, upon hearing her story, the Elders of the temple refused to believe it. They refused to allow her to stay in the temple.

The young acolyte was able to smuggle her into the catacombs below the temple where he nursed Janella back to health.
And although Asha was not a wizard or mage of any sort, he was skilled at meditation and a voracious reader. By sneaking through a
hidden accessway, with the help of his friend Hadley Silverskin, he was able to “borrow” some of the older books from the restricted area of the temple’s library and he
started to teach Janella to meditate and how to bring out and control her abilities.
Very quickly Janella was able to summon fire at will which eventually led to her discovery by one of the Temple elders. She was, once again, brought before the Temple Counsel who were at a loss
about what to do with her. While trying to decide, the Divine War started, and all thoughts of Janella were forgotten.

She continued to study deep below the Temple and only ventured above ground occasionally to visit her friend from the now destroyed orphanage Surekha Dawntracker. It eventually
became necessary to take Surekha into the catacombs to avoid all the death and disease in Urlisian.
The four teenagers spent the duration of the war feasting on the provisions of the Temple and reading books from the library.
They were not disturbed by anything more than rats – there was no one on the surface left alive who even knew the Temple had catacombs.

When the war was over, life was very difficult on the surface. Almost everyone was gone – run away or dead. Janella remained in the area and she and Asha were able to
live quite well on the remains of the Temple’s supplies. But eventually those ran out and they were forced (like everyone else) to look and work harder for their food.

Janella decided that she could no longer stay in Urlisian and ventured out into the countryside.
She had grown bigger in the three years below the Temple eating plentiful food and with her new found powers was no longer shy.
She found that when she was troubled, she had a lot of anger building inside her. Anger at injustices, especially towards the poor. Anger at bullies. Anger when things didn’t go her way. The
meditation skills that Asha had taught her helped with this but it was a constant struggle. Janella met many people on her travels but eventually ended up alone.
In ten years, she only met one person who she could call a friend, a Halfling called Magella Soulaxe. Magella taught her about herbs and berries. Which ones to eat and which ones to avoid.
Which one could heal and which would kill. The pair spent a couple of years together.

Twelve years After, Janella was tired of wandering and she and Magella headed back towards Urlisian. They met a trading caravan two weeks out of Urlisian and during an evening of story telling,
she learned that Cruamros Lorearthen had survived the war and was now a business man. His trading company, The Burnt Men, owned the caravan and he still
lived in Urlisian along with his childhood friends, Caraga Millstone and Sealamin Runehouse. All of whom, so the story she was told said,
were burnt during the war by a meteor flung down from the heavens. Janella knew better.

As they got closer to the city, Magella was becoming more and more nervous and decided that on second thought, she would prefer the rural life to the city. Janella was able to introduce her to her friends Hadley and Surekha who were now married and had a half elf of their own. They also had an abundance of land just outside the old gates to the city, and Magella was able to find some land of his own plant and cultivate a wide variety of plants.

It was in Magella’s Garden that Janella was eventually introduced to the Wu’Jen. Magella caught Gwyn Pipet (John Lenz’s character) pilfering some plants that he thought were poisonous. They weren’t.

Once back in Urlisian, Janella had to be very careful. All of the people who knew of her abilities were long gone except for the Burnt Men. And it was the Burnt Men who seems to be becoming more and more affluent, despite the abject poverty around them. Repairs were being made to the Temple, and her friend Asha was still living in the catacombs, but he was much higher in the church’s hierarchy. Janella decided that she would stay in a run down Inn on the far side of town, where she met two people who she though might one day be able to help her. Stonys Trannyth, a blacksmith who was adept in making elven weapons and armor, and Marendithas Sandtracker who took care of a wide variety of animals whose previous owners could no longer care for them.

After running in to Cruamos Lorearthen, who certainly remembered who she was, Janella decided that living alone in a small Inn was not safe and sought out Gwyn Pipet and asked to join the Wu’jen. Despite feeling alone, she knew there was safety in numbers.

Asha Onyxarm(M Human monk), the acolyte, friend, rescuer
Magella Soulaxe (M Halfling ranger), Country friend, herbalist
Surekha Dawntracker(F Elf rogue), Janella’s friend from the Orphanage

Cruamos Lorearthen ( M Dwarf bard) – The Burnt Orphan, is now a semi wealthy trader.
Caraga Millstone (M Dwarf fighter) – business man, Cohort of Cruamos
Sealamin Runehouse (M Human barbarian) – business man, Cohort of Cruamos

Stonys Trannyth (F Elf fighter) Blacksmith
Marendithas Sandtracker (F Human druid) Animal Keeper.
Hadley Silverskin(M Human cleric), Asha’s confidant, owns farm outside city.

Significant places:
Travelling caravan – great sources of information from starting point to end point and all places in between
Janowski’s Goods – not affiliated with the Burnt Men. They have a “private stock” collection of goods if you know how/who to ask for it.
Purna tavern – they spiked my drink there once and I woke with nothing but my underwear.

Janella Mageblood

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