Prince Alfonz

Nervous-looking and restless, this young, brooding Prince does not excude confidence. He is, however, a renouned tactician and strategist.


This young half-elf (35 years old) was a part of the resistance movement Before. He lead several attacks on the Charduni shortly before the war and is know to be both brave and clever—particularly as a tactician and strategist. During the war he used opportunities to overthrow and assassinate Charduni.

As the war ended, he declared himself a Prince (to claim to be a King, was, he said, arrogant) and appointed those who helped him as Lords. He holds frequent Parliamentary sessions where Lords may attend and debate ideas while the Prince observes. All decisions are made by the Prince and Parliament is entirely advisory. All rumours suggest, however, that the Prince tends to take their advice quite seriously.

Prince Alfonz

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