Scarn 16 After

A good walk ruined...
3rd meeting

We resumed our tale in the gazebo outside Junction, Ronn, Gwinn, and Mageblood nursing egos after a failed adventure into town to try and recover a sample from a local blacksmith.
The watch was interrupted when it was discovered that Shadowspawn had disappeared! After some rousing and searching, our man Shadowspawn returned suddenly, revealing his secret that he occasionally slips into another shadow realm, and during his most recent visit encountered our mysterious hooded friend.
Not long after sorting out Shadowspawn’s new abilities, and what impact they might have on our future adventures, our party became alerted to sounds of something approaching along the nearby road.
The party scattered, with Gwynn scurrying off to do what halflings do best, hide in the bushes, Janella and Ronn also made their way into the bushes, while Serpenthelm decided that climbing the gazebo would offer a good chance to see what was approaching.
Unfortunately for our merry band, the news was dire, a war party of Titanspawn was approaching. Some goblins were sneaking through the bush, and something else, larger and far scarier not far behind them.
The engagement continued as a mighty hill giant emerged crashing through the trees with a thirst for blood.
The battle raged, with Mageblood, Gwynn, Vipette and Ronn facing off against the hill giant,
while Serpenthelm was being harassed from the skies by flying bat creatures.
Mageblood let into the giant with her angry claws while our dashing bard attempted to soothe the giant with a rousing tune on his drums. The giant was uninterested however, and tied into Tellius with it’s mighty club.
In attempt to turn the tides in the favour of our heroes, Gwynn bravely decided to scale the giant’s back and give it a painful mouthful of caltrops. This hardly seemed to slow the giant, and after some more punishment from our heroes, it seemed Ronn had sung his last tune as the giant wound up for a final swing.
It was at this point when it seemed the giant would score his deathblow that Vipette found a vein and delivered a seemingly inconsequential bite to the hill giant. The giant lurched, and fell, overcome by the deadly bite from the diminutive snake.
Meanwhile, Serpenthelm was able to break free from the clutches of the bat creature and strike down the aerial monster.
As we left our party, all seemed well after scoring such a huge victory over an impressive group of foes…

Junction, Smithia, more about the powder and “Dark Sinister Stranger”
2nd meeting

We catch up with the mighty, merry and not so merry travelling Wu’jen, on their travels from Alara to Junction. They seek the counsel from an old friend of Serpenthelm, who is an acclaimed (though discretely so) weapons maker. They are now accompanied by Ronn Tellius, the ever-entertaining human bard wonder, who decided to hook up with the quartet since they happened to be travelling in the same direction – – or was it for lack of anything better to do? Ronn, though in a groove busily entertaining a group of young and old from Alara, sought to evade the ever-growing, ever-adoring crowd.
Not long into their day’s journey, a human type form is momentarily sensed skulking just off the roadway. The quintet splits up. Gwinn the deft Halfling-rogue and Serpenthelm, the able ranger attempt to flank the fella (isn’t it always a fella?), while Shadowspawn, Janella Sageblood and Ronn Tellius stay back on the road to guard the rear and their gear. Though the form is quite elusive, from a distance of about 30 feet, Gwinn catches a glimpse of what appears to be a black-cloaked sinister looking individual who, momentarily disconcerted at having been spotted, evaporates into thin air. Mysteriously, the humanoid form reappears just long enough to bow in a somewhat dismissive manner to Serpenthelm’s query of friendship. Hmmph!

The road upon which they are travelling has undergone extensive repairs and the journey to their destination became easier. Later that afternoon, the work crew responsible for the road repairs is overtaken while they were travelling back to Junction for the weekend. The men are in fine spirits as they anticipate joining in on the revelry brought about by the celebration of a spring festival in the town. Amiable conversation ensues with the foreman of the bunch as our group seeks out information on the local blacksmiths. Arriving to the outskirts of town, the Wu’jen find that though the businesses and homes are primarily made of wood, the foundations of a few stone buildings can be seen arising from the rubble. The town, which has recently doubled in number to 100 inhabitants, appears to be finally recovering from the colossal Titan war. The fine weather contributes to the merry-making well underway as most townies are out reveling in games (drinking and otherwise) and music. Our group splits up. Ronn and Gwinn play to the crowd while Shadowspawn triumphs on the archery field. In the company of Janella, Serpenthelm seeks out her friend Smithia whom they find in ill health, perspiring heavily and hard at work at her forge. The dwarf is apprehensive and not nearly as forthcoming with information as Serpenthelm had hoped. She makes it known however that dark forces and the white powder are connected and we should have nothing to do with either!! Despite her misgivings, she agrees to meet up with us at midnight in a gazebo like structure found in a clearing at the top of a small rise 15 minutes out of town. From there, Smithia suggests, they can be assured that no one will be able to eavesdrop on their conversation. Precautions are taken as we carefully extricate ourselves from the celebrating town folk and surreptitiously make our way to the gazebo. Protective spells are cast and guards are set while Smithia shares her secret to Serpenthelm.
She and others master weapons makers have been engaged to mass-produce the weapons of war. What’s more, their instructions are to add small amounts of the magic sucking white powder to every weapon they forge. Though they are being well compensated for their efforts, the smiths are led to believe that refusing the commission would not be advised. Unfortunately, it is a lose-lose situation as to refuse to make the weapons would result in immediate death and to agree to make the weapons will result in a slow excruciating death as the daily contact with the white powder appears to be slowly sucking the life from the weapon’s makers involved.
During this time the Wu’jen on the lookout espy the sinister black-cloaked form who seems to appear and disappear at will.

The night ends with Smithia furtively returning home while Gwinn and Ronn decide to go back into Junction to procure a weapon sample from the other blacksmith in town. Their efforts are comical but ultimately unsuccessful. Serpenthelm watches over a recovering Shadowspawn who was badly affected by his encounter with dark sinister.

Reunited, the Wu’jen decide to embark upon a crusade…in the morning!

1st meeting - Armageddon and mysterious white powder
1st meeting

The saga began with the Wu’Jen quartet of halfling rogue-druid Gwynn Pipet, half-elven rogue-ranger Shadowspawn, half-elven sorceress-rogue Janella Mageblood, and half-elven ranger-bard Lady Serpenthelm, heading south on a merchant trip to sell 200lbs of Denevian bloodberries to the Druids of Furbelow. All cowered beneath nearby foliage to escape the notice of a firedrake dragon passing overhead, but the big bird had different prey in mind; a dive and dash had the dragon flying away with a military horse in mouth about 1 klick west. With curiosity piqued, the crew skulked west to find a road with a somewhat-flustered group taking stock: 10 mounted burly “city guards”, 1 Charduni dwarf, and 6 mules laden with sacks of white powder. Serpenthelm sent out a surreptitious “detect magic” spell as the military ensemble passed by, only to have her magical energies hoovered out of her instead! Eyebrows and questions were raised as the ranger fell to her knees, down 2 strength points.

The foursome tracked the military party south on the road for the rest of the day, uneventful save for Gwynn’s milking of the poison sac of a recently-deceased giant scorpion, making camp off to the side for the night. Sometime after midnight, however, all were awoken by the raucous revelry of a massive group of monstrous types passing by heading north, drunk on pillage and swill. Roughly 50 titanspawn, including 2 hill giants, and large numbers of lizardy men and goblinoids, drove numerous human slaves in front of them, oblivious to the Wu’Jeni hiding mere meters away. A morning search found a discarded jacket bearing the family crest of a wealthy Furbelownian family, the Casnirs. Doubts formed in the crews’ minds as to what they would find when they reached Furbelow.

Their worst fears were realized one day later upon reaching the burnt-out wreckage of what once was the bustling town of Furbelow; corpses filled every street and blown-down house, and only 1 living being was encountered, a shell-shocked 4-yr-old boy, who was brought along with the crew as they moved on to the place where they were to meet the druids who had commissioned the bloodberries. The druidic chateau was also uninhabited, the only items of value to be found being 2 bottles of magical bloodberry wine endowed with healing properties.

The next morning, a vigorous search of the leveled town found wanton destruction but also a bag of the mysterious white powder inside the ruins of a smithy. After much strength-sapping experimentation, Gwynn, Serpenthelm, and Janella determined the following about the magical powder: it has powerful anti-magic properties; if any spells are cast near the powder (perhaps within about 20 feet?), the powder will suck the magic out of the caster, leaving him/her physically depleted; magic items can withstand close proximity to the powder as long as they do not actually touch it, which nullifies their magic. The group decided that the powder was too dangerous to carry but too powerful to leave behind, so they buried a 2kg water-tight sack of it just north-east of the ruins of Furbelow and carried on north-eastwardly toward the nearest inhabited town, Alera.

The next day, they reached their destination, and popped in to see one of Gwynn’s ex-employers, Ol’ Kent, the distiller known for his infamous swill “Punch in the Throat”. Through some wheeling and dealing, they off-loaded their berry cargo on Ol’ Kent (for the creation of a new brew, “Punch in the Berries”?) in exchange for 2 potions of flying and a potion of growth and some bachelor’s stew. The tag-along child from Furbelow, Jerom Casnir (yes, THAT Casnir!), was reunited with his aunt who was seeking refuge in Alera. From this aunt, the group learned of the sacking of the town: a sudden onslaught of titanspawn numbering nearly 500, 50 of which headed north afterward (the group that passed our Wu’Jeni 2 nights prior), and 450 of which headed west. The plot thickened when the crew asked an Aleran Charduni dwarf smith about this white powder, only to be told very coldly that they were prying into matters better left untouched.

The meeting adjourned with the four sleeping in an abandoned building in Alera with plans to visit Serpenthelm’s Charduni dwarf smith friend in Junction the next day.

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