Scarn 16 After

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1st meeting - Armageddon and mysterious white powder
1st meeting

The saga began with the Wu’Jen quartet of halfling rogue-druid Gwynn Pipet, half-elven rogue-ranger Shadowspawn, half-elven sorceress-rogue Janella Mageblood, and half-elven ranger-bard Lady Serpenthelm, heading south on a merchant trip to sell 200lbs of Denevian bloodberries to the Druids of Furbelow. All cowered beneath nearby foliage to escape the notice of a firedrake dragon passing overhead, but the big bird had different prey in mind; a dive and dash had the dragon flying away with a military horse in mouth about 1 klick west. With curiosity piqued, the crew skulked west to find a road with a somewhat-flustered group taking stock: 10 mounted burly “city guards”, 1 Charduni dwarf, and 6 mules laden with sacks of white powder. Serpenthelm sent out a surreptitious “detect magic” spell as the military ensemble passed by, only to have her magical energies hoovered out of her instead! Eyebrows and questions were raised as the ranger fell to her knees, down 2 strength points.

The foursome tracked the military party south on the road for the rest of the day, uneventful save for Gwynn’s milking of the poison sac of a recently-deceased giant scorpion, making camp off to the side for the night. Sometime after midnight, however, all were awoken by the raucous revelry of a massive group of monstrous types passing by heading north, drunk on pillage and swill. Roughly 50 titanspawn, including 2 hill giants, and large numbers of lizardy men and goblinoids, drove numerous human slaves in front of them, oblivious to the Wu’Jeni hiding mere meters away. A morning search found a discarded jacket bearing the family crest of a wealthy Furbelownian family, the Casnirs. Doubts formed in the crews’ minds as to what they would find when they reached Furbelow.

Their worst fears were realized one day later upon reaching the burnt-out wreckage of what once was the bustling town of Furbelow; corpses filled every street and blown-down house, and only 1 living being was encountered, a shell-shocked 4-yr-old boy, who was brought along with the crew as they moved on to the place where they were to meet the druids who had commissioned the bloodberries. The druidic chateau was also uninhabited, the only items of value to be found being 2 bottles of magical bloodberry wine endowed with healing properties.

The next morning, a vigorous search of the leveled town found wanton destruction but also a bag of the mysterious white powder inside the ruins of a smithy. After much strength-sapping experimentation, Gwynn, Serpenthelm, and Janella determined the following about the magical powder: it has powerful anti-magic properties; if any spells are cast near the powder (perhaps within about 20 feet?), the powder will suck the magic out of the caster, leaving him/her physically depleted; magic items can withstand close proximity to the powder as long as they do not actually touch it, which nullifies their magic. The group decided that the powder was too dangerous to carry but too powerful to leave behind, so they buried a 2kg water-tight sack of it just north-east of the ruins of Furbelow and carried on north-eastwardly toward the nearest inhabited town, Alera.

The next day, they reached their destination, and popped in to see one of Gwynn’s ex-employers, Ol’ Kent, the distiller known for his infamous swill “Punch in the Throat”. Through some wheeling and dealing, they off-loaded their berry cargo on Ol’ Kent (for the creation of a new brew, “Punch in the Berries”?) in exchange for 2 potions of flying and a potion of growth and some bachelor’s stew. The tag-along child from Furbelow, Jerom Casnir (yes, THAT Casnir!), was reunited with his aunt who was seeking refuge in Alera. From this aunt, the group learned of the sacking of the town: a sudden onslaught of titanspawn numbering nearly 500, 50 of which headed north afterward (the group that passed our Wu’Jeni 2 nights prior), and 450 of which headed west. The plot thickened when the crew asked an Aleran Charduni dwarf smith about this white powder, only to be told very coldly that they were prying into matters better left untouched.

The meeting adjourned with the four sleeping in an abandoned building in Alera with plans to visit Serpenthelm’s Charduni dwarf smith friend in Junction the next day.

Junction, Smithia, more about the powder and “Dark Sinister Stranger”
2nd meeting

We catch up with the mighty, merry and not so merry travelling Wu’jen, on their travels from Alara to Junction. They seek the counsel from an old friend of Serpenthelm, who is an acclaimed (though discretely so) weapons maker. They are now accompanied by Ronn Tellius, the ever-entertaining human bard wonder, who decided to hook up with the quartet since they happened to be travelling in the same direction – – or was it for lack of anything better to do? Ronn, though in a groove busily entertaining a group of young and old from Alara, sought to evade the ever-growing, ever-adoring crowd.
Not long into their day’s journey, a human type form is momentarily sensed skulking just off the roadway. The quintet splits up. Gwinn the deft Halfling-rogue and Serpenthelm, the able ranger attempt to flank the fella (isn’t it always a fella?), while Shadowspawn, Janella Sageblood and Ronn Tellius stay back on the road to guard the rear and their gear. Though the form is quite elusive, from a distance of about 30 feet, Gwinn catches a glimpse of what appears to be a black-cloaked sinister looking individual who, momentarily disconcerted at having been spotted, evaporates into thin air. Mysteriously, the humanoid form reappears just long enough to bow in a somewhat dismissive manner to Serpenthelm’s query of friendship. Hmmph!

The road upon which they are travelling has undergone extensive repairs and the journey to their destination became easier. Later that afternoon, the work crew responsible for the road repairs is overtaken while they were travelling back to Junction for the weekend. The men are in fine spirits as they anticipate joining in on the revelry brought about by the celebration of a spring festival in the town. Amiable conversation ensues with the foreman of the bunch as our group seeks out information on the local blacksmiths. Arriving to the outskirts of town, the Wu’jen find that though the businesses and homes are primarily made of wood, the foundations of a few stone buildings can be seen arising from the rubble. The town, which has recently doubled in number to 100 inhabitants, appears to be finally recovering from the colossal Titan war. The fine weather contributes to the merry-making well underway as most townies are out reveling in games (drinking and otherwise) and music. Our group splits up. Ronn and Gwinn play to the crowd while Shadowspawn triumphs on the archery field. In the company of Janella, Serpenthelm seeks out her friend Smithia whom they find in ill health, perspiring heavily and hard at work at her forge. The dwarf is apprehensive and not nearly as forthcoming with information as Serpenthelm had hoped. She makes it known however that dark forces and the white powder are connected and we should have nothing to do with either!! Despite her misgivings, she agrees to meet up with us at midnight in a gazebo like structure found in a clearing at the top of a small rise 15 minutes out of town. From there, Smithia suggests, they can be assured that no one will be able to eavesdrop on their conversation. Precautions are taken as we carefully extricate ourselves from the celebrating town folk and surreptitiously make our way to the gazebo. Protective spells are cast and guards are set while Smithia shares her secret to Serpenthelm.
She and others master weapons makers have been engaged to mass-produce the weapons of war. What’s more, their instructions are to add small amounts of the magic sucking white powder to every weapon they forge. Though they are being well compensated for their efforts, the smiths are led to believe that refusing the commission would not be advised. Unfortunately, it is a lose-lose situation as to refuse to make the weapons would result in immediate death and to agree to make the weapons will result in a slow excruciating death as the daily contact with the white powder appears to be slowly sucking the life from the weapon’s makers involved.
During this time the Wu’jen on the lookout espy the sinister black-cloaked form who seems to appear and disappear at will.

The night ends with Smithia furtively returning home while Gwinn and Ronn decide to go back into Junction to procure a weapon sample from the other blacksmith in town. Their efforts are comical but ultimately unsuccessful. Serpenthelm watches over a recovering Shadowspawn who was badly affected by his encounter with dark sinister.

Reunited, the Wu’jen decide to embark upon a crusade…in the morning!

A good walk ruined...
3rd meeting

We resumed our tale in the gazebo outside Junction, Ronn, Gwinn, and Mageblood nursing egos after a failed adventure into town to try and recover a sample from a local blacksmith.
The watch was interrupted when it was discovered that Shadowspawn had disappeared! After some rousing and searching, our man Shadowspawn returned suddenly, revealing his secret that he occasionally slips into another shadow realm, and during his most recent visit encountered our mysterious hooded friend.
Not long after sorting out Shadowspawn’s new abilities, and what impact they might have on our future adventures, our party became alerted to sounds of something approaching along the nearby road.
The party scattered, with Gwynn scurrying off to do what halflings do best, hide in the bushes, Janella and Ronn also made their way into the bushes, while Serpenthelm decided that climbing the gazebo would offer a good chance to see what was approaching.
Unfortunately for our merry band, the news was dire, a war party of Titanspawn was approaching. Some goblins were sneaking through the bush, and something else, larger and far scarier not far behind them.
The engagement continued as a mighty hill giant emerged crashing through the trees with a thirst for blood.
The battle raged, with Mageblood, Gwynn, Vipette and Ronn facing off against the hill giant,
while Serpenthelm was being harassed from the skies by flying bat creatures.
Mageblood let into the giant with her angry claws while our dashing bard attempted to soothe the giant with a rousing tune on his drums. The giant was uninterested however, and tied into Tellius with it’s mighty club.
In attempt to turn the tides in the favour of our heroes, Gwynn bravely decided to scale the giant’s back and give it a painful mouthful of caltrops. This hardly seemed to slow the giant, and after some more punishment from our heroes, it seemed Ronn had sung his last tune as the giant wound up for a final swing.
It was at this point when it seemed the giant would score his deathblow that Vipette found a vein and delivered a seemingly inconsequential bite to the hill giant. The giant lurched, and fell, overcome by the deadly bite from the diminutive snake.
Meanwhile, Serpenthelm was able to break free from the clutches of the bat creature and strike down the aerial monster.
As we left our party, all seemed well after scoring such a huge victory over an impressive group of foes…

Into the Wilds
4th meeting

“I can’t believe we got through this”, Shadowspawn thought to himself. He looked over the bodies in the early morning sun, noticing the thick ooze of inhuman fluids leaking from the bodies of goblins, a bat creature, and even a giant. Serpenthelm looked as though she would drop if she was not healed soon, though his other colleagues looked remarkably well.

Ronn appeared to be celebrating, standing over the mountain of flesh that was the giant. Gwynn looked to the skies, wondering if he truly heard something overhead. Janella began the process of searching the bodies, finding each body had a days worth of food, and two distinct vials (one clear, one brown).

Then, from behind Ronn, 2 bat creatures appeared. They appeared to stab him with a needle like device,and take flight with his now unconscious body. Gwynn is certain something is above, as a larger bat creature appears among a midst of magical energy, and casts a spell to those below.

Shadowspawn is enraged. The very ground around him erupts in creepers and tendrils that bind him. Gwynn manages to step out of the green prison. As the pair of bats carrying Ronn fly off, slowly gaining altitude, the remaining party members attempt to attack the ‘Mage Bat’ flying overhead. Janella fails to connect with a spell, but both Serpthelm and Gwynn manage to injure the flying magic user. There is also a second sound, suspicious for another enemy in the skies.

The binding green trap holds Shadowspawn fast, as the others continue their attacks. The Lady Serpenthelm, normally a wonder with her bow, suffers a setback as her weapon breaks. The captive Ronn is now far out of range, and the magic user creature has now caught up with the escaping pair. As well, a frustrated half elven thief manages to escape his emerald bonds.

The party, stuck on the ground, now realize that they had forgotten about their potions of flight. With an eye not unlike an eagle, the sharp sighted Gwynn notes smoke to the north of the field. Janella uses her binoculars to confirm the image, thinking that it is about 10-15 clicks north. Serpenthelm fixes her bow, and finally gets a chance to heal, with her druid spells. Gwynn also heals himself with his berries.

The party tries to determine the nature of the vials that were lifted from the bodies, but had no real success. Finally, the group decides to head north, to try to catch up with Ronn.

As they head up the road a number of miles, Serpenthelm uses her ranger ability to bond with a hawk, and is able to use the ability of the winged wonder to scout somewhat ahead. After another few miles, the hawk ahead circles and returns to the side of the ranger.

With keen perception, Shadowspawn notes three creatures waiting on either side of the road. Gwynn remains in place, as the others go wide to avoid the enemy party. A goblin goes towards Gwynn, but Vipet interacts with the green vile creature, and manages to divert the attention. Gwynn is able to continue to join up the others, now further ahead.

After crossing the road somewhat further on, the party stops. At this time, it is decided that Gwynn is to scout ahead. After approximately a half hour, the party moves forward towards the direction the halfling headed. They meet up with the diminutive thief, who has much to report.

North of their location is a collection of tents, a well traveled road, siege engines in various states of construction, and over a hundred creatures, including a number of slaves (both human and goblin) clearing the woods.

The party decides that this is likely the location of Ronn. Gwynn elects to take the clear fluid taken from the fallen goblins of earlier. Promptly he is invisible to all. He takes the remaining clear vials, and heads into town. The party awaits eagerly, and is soon rewarded for their patience with the return of the wee warrior (still invisible), flying back with the poisoned Ronn Telius. At this point, concerned that the shanty town’s occupants will be shortly be looking for any responsible for the removal of the prisoner, the party flees west…………

Serpenthelm's dying
Meeting 5

July 29, 2013

Serpenthelm’s dying!

While trying to put as much distance between themselves and the sinister militia as possible, Ronn updated us on his (thankfully short-lived) experience as a prisoner in their camp. Along with the rest of us, Ronn had barely savored the victory against the bats, goblins and giant when winged creatures suddenly materialized. The winged creatures must have taken invisibility potions, which became ineffective during an attack. Targeting the famous bard, they disabled and captured him with a poisoned needle. The rest of us tried in vain to stop the villainous creatures from flying northward with Ronn in their clutches. What seemed to be moments later, Ronn was unceremoniously dumped into the enemy camp. Through a drug-induced haze, he was able to take note of the really scary stuff going on.

Regally dressed humanoid lizard creatures appeared to be in charge. They looked wealthy and powerful and their lodgings were the largest in camp. These suspicious and furtive creatures didn’t have the happiest of dispositions. Ronn couldn’t tell how many lizard creatures were around but he also saw more giants, bat people and many types of goblins. Some of them were riding huge oversized wargs. The camp seemed racially divided. Most obvious of all was the early construction of siege engines! Cages hanging from trees and stockades were holding various types of people and creatures prisoner. Many slaves were working at cutting down the forests. Wood likely used for weaponry.

The lizard people came over and had short words with the big bats that had captured Ronn. Speaking in Venirian, the lizards indicated they weren’t pleased with the trouble Ronn might cause. Responding softly in their particular batlike way the bats stated they thought the other humans would come after him and could then be captured as well! Temporarily done with Ronn, he was thrown into one of the cages hanging from the trees. This is where later, invisible Gwinn finds Ronn, picks the lock and gets him out of there with the help of more invisibility potion for Ronn, the brown greasy vial for the squeaky locks and a flying potion.

Back in the forested rocky foothills, the newly reunited quintet elected to move north as quickly and surreptitiously as possible. Janella, Shadowspawn and Serpenthelm hear a horn followed by barking. Still flying, Gwinn takes Ronn further north then comes back one by one for Janella and Shadowspawn. The gang decides that ranger Serpenthelm should lay a false trail back to the east-west road so that we might all evade the would-be pursuers. The potion for invisibility lasts 15min. Gwinn manages to just drop Ronn off before becoming visible. Ronn messages Janella to take the flight potion and pick up Serpenthelm once she’s done laying the false trail.

Meanwhile, Serpenthelm approaching the east-west road is spotted by 2 more of the nasty vicious bat creatures. Alone and more than a little concerned for her safety she opts to take her enlargement potion to increase the deadliness of her great-axe. She waits until they fly within reach and with a mighty swing decapitates one bat and on the second try, eviscerates the other. Sadly, the ugly thing managed to get its own strike in before its demise.

Janella arrives in time to see the victorious assault on evil. Together they decide to continue laying a false trail towards the road. Again they hear the dogs, only to realize that they’re Wargs and they’re getting closer. They hear the trumpet again and it appears the enemy has been fooled into following the false trail. Moments from the east-west road, J and S are spotted by 6 hobgolblins, 6 goblins, 1 lizard creature and 1 bugbear about 180ft in the distance. Oh Titan! Janella sends a ball of flame toward the 14 creatures in the hopes that the flame will slow them down. It works! Shouts and swearing are heard! Some, (who clearly don’t know anything about tracking) break trail to go towards them. J and S are able to lose the vile beasts due to their stealthy crawling though the brush but 3 Wargs ridden by goblins are able to follow their scent. Our heroes look in vain for pine resin or water to mask their smell from the Wargs. Janella drops a smelly handkerchief to confuse them while the two veer off towards the west. The Wargs are getting closer! Now is no longer the time for stealth! Now is the time to run like the mother of a Titan! Janella starts to fly as Serpenthelm lumbers clumsily along still under the effects of the enlargement potion. They leave food scraps to entice the beasts, which slows 2 out of the 3. Still one goblin-riding Warg comes on. Serpenthelm turns to fight and scores a direct hit. Woefully she does not stop the Warg who rears up and bites the valiant half-elf. Its goblin-rider gets in a piercing hack as well. Janella throws a flaming sphere while Serpenthelm’s attacks lands another hit! Still not deadly enough as the Warg pounces again and again wounds the wounded desperate ranger! Janella gets a deadly sneak attack in with her claws The Warg dies and falls to the ground pinning the goblin beneath it. The other 2 Wargs who had stopped for a nibble now gallop up and encounter the flaming sphere just managing to avoid the deadly inferno. Serpenthelm is attacked again by a goblin and falls hemorrhaging to the ground. Janella in desperation wills the inferno towards the murderous goblin and successfully incinerates it while singing the three remaining devils. One of the Wargs gets hit again by Janella who then falls and is hit herself! The riderless Warg flees while the enlargement potion finally expires on Serpenthelm and she shrinks down to normal size. The remaining Warg and goblin attack one final time. Once again Janella moves her fireball into their path successfully igniting and burning to a crisp the greasy creature. The riderless Warg backs off snarling and runs away. Turning to Serpenthelm, Janella desperately tears through her slain companion’s pack looking for the magical Titan berry wine. She finds it and dribbles into her mouth. Death is narrowly averted, for now. Using the remaining effects of the flying potion, the two soar away to join their companions pausing long enough to give 2 more bat creatures the slip. Once together their faithful companions use their magic and charms to heal Serpenthelm and Janella.

Ronn, Shadowspawn and Gwinn were just starting in on the second bottle of wine after a hot meal around a cozy fire when the two maimed warriors arrived. Their ease soon turned into a bee-hive of activity as all recognized the necessity of putting many miles between themselves and the malevolent militia. Gwinn pulled up his sack trap diversion and rope traps and the group set off. Not that they needed any encouragement but Shadowspawn reminded his friends that if he did not lay his hands on a certain orb, he would die! It was now 5:30pm. The group decided to travel north towards the nearest fort to warn its inhabitants of the treacherous proceedings the monstrous neighbors are planning!

The Wu’jen had traveled an hour and a half when two big bats are spotted circling around them. Weapons are drawn once again. Gwinn does a guidance spell and Ronn sings an inspirational medley. The song inspires the battle weary troupe. Two bats cast spells of entanglement, which they manage to avoid. Gwinn moving deftly darts between the trees and a 30ft rock. Bat one summons a swarm. Serpenthelm moves away from the entangled area and misses her shot at the first bat. Janella moves and hits the bat hard causing the swarm spell to dissipate. Ronn attempts an unsuccessful confusion spell. Bat2 zooms down from the sky and throws a small elemental fire as it approaches. Gwinn gets in a direct hit with his cross bow. Serpenthelm shoots and kills bat1. Ronn gives special powers to Shadowspawn who hits the small elemental fire cast by bat 2 and disperses it. Encircled, Bat2 has a fatal encounter with Gwinn’s deadly arrow.

The looted bat bodies hold nothing of value except one brown vile each. Gwinn drinks one hoping to better understand the magic within. Sadly an upset stomach is all that is gained for his valor. Our cache from the looted bodies now includes 4 brown vials and 2 clear ones. The brown vials appear to be useful for oiling the hinges of Ronn’s tree cage but that’s all. Serpenthelm and Ronn bury the bats and later Serpenthelm joins Gwinn in meditation.

The troupe camps just off the road. A watch is set. Shadowspawn wakes us when he hears what appears to be a party of about 12. Goblinoids, a Warg and a few hobgoblins are moving north on the road. Silently, we shrug our shoulders and go back to sleep.

We’ll wait to see what morning will bring.

Excerpt from the personal journal of Janella Mageblood, 16 After

God’s Balls! Tellius almost killed me again.
At Gwynn’s insistence, we tested the brown potion. There was no real point carrying it around if we didn’t know what it was going to do. We set up a pretty cascade of articles and poured the potion over a dagger, which ran onto Gwynn’s hand, then onto Serpenthelm’s magic arrow, then onto some grass and finally onto Tellius’ shield. Both the wooden items bent and warped indicating that the potion warps and bends wood. One small mystery solved.

We headed for Fort Jamal off road by 30-90 ft. It was tough going, but at least we were quiet. We arrived just as my stomach started growling for lunch. We noticed in the far distance some of those damned “bat people” flying what appeared to be a search pattern, I don’t know if it’s us they are looking for, but if it is, they’ll need to come farther North.

We had been to this fort before – a couple of years ago. It was a bustling, crowded place of about 400 people. As we approach the fort we noticed markers on the road. As far as we could tell the markers “used to be used for when a place was quarantined”. Great.
I took the lead as we approached with Tellius right behind me and Gwynn in the back. Serpenthelm sent in Sam (the eagle) and when she came back, she was nervous. We could all could tell that there is something ahead, something not right.
We all moved to within 500m of the fort. We could see that there was a 200m clearing around the fort and it sat on higher ground. Gwynn went forward to scout the area. He reported that the guards are not guarding and the main gate is ajar enough for one person at a time to sneak through.

Tellius and I approach fort appearing wounded. We get to within 50m from doors before we see our first guard. It doesn’t look right. No wonder Sam was nervous – all the guards were going in the same direction (clockwise). The guard stopped and turned its head and we got a good look at it… not human, totally pale, looks undead. It let out an unholy screech and jumped over the stonework and started climbing down the wall head first. If there is one thing I’ve learned, when something crawls down the wall head first, shit is about to hit the fan. And it did.
Tellius and I eventually took out the first guard, but just as we finished it off, a second guard came over the wall. Tellius bravely ran away but I wasn’t fast enough and I got hit by the second guard. I hit it back and it also got whacked by Serpenthelm, but it was an epic shot from Gwynn the pierced the guard betwixt the eyes and put its soul to rest.

By this time we were a bit away from the fort and did a bit of investigating. The undead appear to be old guards, but without their old gear – no spears, shields nor swords – but with enhancements like claws. I called forth a detect magic spell and could sense something, but couldn’t tell what kind of magic it was. There was one other freaky thing… on the back of the head there was a perfectly round one inch hole and you could see inside, not that there was anything to see… no brain, just an empty skull. Other than that, no other markings, just some minor scratches.

We dragged one body to 80ft from the tree line and went back into the trees. We watched the guard rotation to see if they would fill the gaps left by the two guards we took out. They didn’t.

I was pretty beat up from the skirmish and needed a little help from the others. I don’t feel like I’m poisoned. We cleaned my wounds and I cauterized them with my burning claw. (13 +1 +3 from Gwynn) Gwynn cast light healing on me which made me feel a bit better.

Shadowspawn went “into the shadows” and explored the fort.

He came back and reported that the gates were warped (the brown potion?), place is completely undead, warriors and regular folk, walking aimlessly.
There is no food and all supplies are missing. Inside the Manor house, the upper levels are all empty, and the lower level has been empty for at least a week.
All pretty bleak, but then some good news, on the lowest level he found 50 people still alive, however they were being guarded by a 9ft tall humanoid with 2 arms, 2 legs and 4 tentacles. The creature appeared to be feeding off the people.

We made a plan:
First, fast stealth around fort to the back
Second, enter via the back door
Third, go through service entrance, close door
Fourth, close door to dining room
All this had to be done in the 45 second gap in the guard rotation.
We did it with 26 seconds to spare.
We didn’t encounter any undead on our way into the Manor house.

We went down to the storage room (the lowest level) with me in the lead.

It’s all a bit fuzzy since I was still feeling some effects from dealing with the first two undead, but with a group effort, we killed the humanoid, but not until it dealt a bit of damage with it’s tentacles.
We opened the holding pens and released the 50 people being held there.
They didn’t know too much except that some lizard like creature had summoned it and that when it killed you, it killed you fast and turned you into a zombie.

I’m feeling tired, I’ll write more tomorrow.

The Escape

The Liberation of Fort Jamal
Part III-The Escape
Upon defeating the great horrible monster that was systematically zombefying the occupants of the dungeon, our heroes took the time to lick their wounds and prepare to relocate these four score individuals off to safety.
One of the stricken forts-folk was liberated from his horrible predicament in the stockade by a timely flip of the latch, and his wellbeing was verified by Serpenthelm’s obvious knowledge of the healing knowledge.
Among the captives was a youth of passable flouting skill named Ereint. The youth claimed he had been held for approximately two days, though time’s passage was hard to judge in the dark dungeon. Ereint had decided to visit the village, but was snatched by Lizard folk and thrown in the dungeon to await a bored out brain cavity.
Gwynn and the dashingly able Ronn Tellius decided to humour the boy with some words, and discovered the leader of the military contingent, a man by the name of Lt. Strum.
According to the good Lieutenant, the Fort was set upon by flying beasts, whilst giants simultaneously wrecked the fort’s gates, allowing some sinister reptilian folk inside to summon the horror the Wu’Jen had just slain.
Lt Strum also informed us that the Prince was raising an army with the intention of moving south, against the better wishes of his advisors who pleaded delay to give time for envoys to seek help from the Dwarves to the north.
A few words with the resident Smithy revealed that Dyfel had refused his orders to use the mysterious white powder in his work.
A strategy was formulated to move the survivors out in groups of five, optimizing the ratio of soldiers to non-soldiers to increase the survivability of the captives.
It was time for our WuJen to emerge from the basement. We advanced upstairs behind a bold Mageblood with her hot hands at the ready, and Gwynn slipping around in the shadows. To our maximum horror, we discovered one of the new undead residents of Fort Jamal feasting upon one of his compatriots. Mageblood made short work of the pair, with her devastating burning hands.
What a strange revelation these new cannibalistic urges the undead are now displaying. Our brave party continued the advance upstairs, with the intention of removing whatever foul minions still remained in the manor house.
The Wu’Jen entered the main foyer, Mageblood followed by the great and talented bard Ronn Tellius. Mageblood had her burning eyes on an undead at the opposite end of the room, and neither her nor the handsome and gifted Ronn Tellius noticed another of the fell beasts descending the stairs to their flank.
The initial flame blast thrown from Mageblood caught the first undead unaware, though Ronn was set upon and paralyzed by the devious ghoulish beast on his left.
Meanwhile Gwynn dashed out straight for the front door to secure it, while Serpenthelm entered the fray. We must also not forget the brave straight shooting from Shadowspawn that averted most certain disaster for the party. Mageblood was set upon next, and unable to resist the paralyzing bite of the undead beast. Without the uplifting song of our inspiring hero, surely the party was doomed!
But not today, surely Enkili was with us as Shadowspawn’s arrows found their way home, and Gwynn proved too quick for the unhuman quickness of the undead monster’s attacks.
And with a final and decisive swing from Serpenthelm’s axe, the party was left with a few moments to gather themselves, and recover from any lingering paralysis.
The Wu’jen made their move out of the back door from whence they first entered the building. The plan was for Mageblood to use her pet flame sphere to hold back, and hopefully, distract some of the monsters while we made our escape. We entered the alley and started shuttling the survivors towards the gate in the wall. It must be noted, that the Fort was in a state of utter chaos as the seemingly more intelligent undead feasted upon the less mobile brainless zombies that stumbled around the fort.
The heroes encountered two more of the beasts as they worked to move the captives out of the fort. They were dispatched with suitable (read: burning) prejudice.
The Wu’Jen and the survivors managed to make it to the trees, while only having to stop to smash in the skull of one more of the gruesome new denizens of Fort Jamal.
The Wu’Jen then parted ways with the survivors, advising them to take a south-westerly route around the Titanspawn hold to the south. Our party took the south Easter route, with Junction as their destination.
Along the road our party encountered a large tree. The tree was immune to all of our Bardly heroes’ charms… suspicious indeed.
The party carried on and arrived in Junction. The local constabulary apparently had it out for Ronn, as he allegedly “struck” the captain of their guard during the festival. Our bard had to settle this, and decided mimicking the captain, and ordering the soldier in question to cease and desist was the best option.
The party decided to check in on Smithia, who thankfully was almost done her dreadful task of working with the powder for the Prince’s armies. She did reveal that the target of Shadowspawn’s crusade was likely the Tursten Orb, a great relic of dwarven lore.
The party said their goodbyes, slept a great and wonderful sleep in the inn, and moved on back to Urlisia.
We leave our party in Urlisia, with Serpenthelm and Shadowspawn on their way to a Charduni library to unearth more about the Tursten orb to discover its location. Later that evening, our protagonist, the charismatic and ever resourceful bard prepared to wow the patrons of the Angry Dwarf with a show they’d tell their children of…

Adventures in Urlisia

The loose knit group of Wu’jen often would observe Shadowspawn writing in a small journal in the wee hours, by the light of the embers of the dying fire. They realized he preferred to keep his thoughts extremely secret, as they watched him toss each sheet into the fire once it was filled with his writing…….

“Another diary entry, to keep the thoughts from running rampant. Blasted Orb!!

Met up with Hagrin at the Angry Dwarf, with Serpenthelm, who directed us to a Charduni Dwarf Cleric, with the hope that she may know further of this foul orb I am to find. Managed to get solid information. After a productive afternoon, thought I was due a break. Enjoyed a few quiet moments, a decent brew and watching the rest of the group.

Ronn, that insufferable blowhard, chatted up his sweet heart, and whipped the crowds into a fury, regarding them with tales of our adventures, and further degrading that rediculous Captain of Junction. Gwynn aided in his own way, astounding the rabble and climbing up into the shadows. Titans’ Teeth, glad that Serpenthelm’s performance didn’t derail the evening too much. At least Ronn’s voice is pleasing.

Jenna, a ‘contact’ of Ronn, apparently had space above the bar, and was kind enough to let us bunk for the night.

In the morning, Janella and Serpenthelm tried to take a closer look at the portion of skin I had removed from the bizarre creature within the Fort. All Janella encountered was a headache, and a mouth full of sickness. As one, our party headed off to the temple, and eventually negotiated the underlings to finally meet the aged cleric. She was an elderly dwarf, with glasses, and a nose buried in a tome of Charduni history.

Serpenthelm and Janella seemed to exchange glances, at which point Janella asked about the Orb. The dwarf reported that she was aware of the myths and legends of the Terstin Orb. It apparently was in the possessioon of a Demon, known as the Queen of Shadows. The Devourer had taken her out of a prison, according to lores of old. This demon had the ability to imprison the dead, and had a weak influence on the physical plan. [Is this the source of my abilities? Is she the creature I encountered?] A Charduni hero (is there such a thing?) had stolen the Orb, and hidden it. It sounds as though it is now in a labyrhinth, with monsters and traps, protected by runes.

The elderly cleric then stated that any further information would require a return of our services. She requested a book from a wizard tower, in Crystal Falls. Apparently, a magical book known as “The Telerie” (prized by the Charduni) was last seen there before the Titan War. As this is the only lead regarding the ultimate location of the Orb, I gladly accepted the mission. Gwynn did glare at me, afterwards.

I also showed her the skin and needle-like beak from that creature in the fort. She looked through a few of her books, and found a good likeness as a line drawing. It is known as the “Spawn of the Devourer”, which can create the undead. The one we encountered was young, but powerful.

We began to head out of the temple. Janella went to the nearby market, and obtained some salts and herbs to fix and cure the tattoed flesh. Sertpenthelm stayed behind to do research, presumably on some kind of Arcane Knowledge. Gwynn, Janella and Ron seemed to explore the town on their own.

I went to check on Elsa, my fair Rova contact. As always, she could ‘read’ my situation. Although she knew some of the myths about the Orb, they did little to reassure me. The Orb can bring the apocalypse; ’ has been lost and find how to get it from the orb’; it can free a titan. Of course, she would not accept any gratuity, so I dropped a few gold outside her door. If only our lives had been different….. But enought of pity. Wretched orb!!

We meet up at the end of the day, at another dive, the Barley Punch. Gwynn entertained his ‘friend’, Milla; we decided to stay the night there.

The next day, we headed out for the Wizards Twoer, north of Junction and the fort. The day was quiet , and arrived outside the Fort by the late afternoon. Set up camp that night, with spells and animal campanions watching over us.

During Gwynn’s watch, he heard rustling and suspected creatures stalking. He woke up the group, although Ronn and Serpenthelm must have hit the mead a little too hard over the past few days. Although the moon was at quarter strength, Janella fortuenately cast dancing light, and Gwynn cast entangle. The entire group was fully awake, to recognize those blasted blood sprites heading at us (the Children of Gormath, the Devourer!!)

Quickly, battle commenced. Janella and Ronn drawing blood first, whereas I missed with my daggers (I need to practice!). The group manages to decimate the pack of vile creatures, without a single wound to ourselves. [They may try my nerves at time, but I would not travel with any others] As always, Gwynn finds the bright side, and harvests their bodies for poisons.

And yet, I can only keep thinking about this blasted orb……."

Another page torn and tossed, another spray of ashes and sparks wafting in the light of twilight…….

Running north to Crystal Falls
The roundabout route

January 9, 2014 Meeting Summary – by J Le

“The further north you go from the hub of small cities and towns of Venir, the wilder and nastier things get. If you care for your lives, step not a foot north of Junction.” – Pop the elder, speaking to a group of druids in training (10 years After)

We head north. This time, on a mission from god… or perhaps a titan or some demon acting on a titan’s behalf. It’s even one step further back than that – we’re heading to Crystal Falls to get an old book for a Charduni librarian, who will then give us more information about how to get the orb for some shadowy ne’er-do-well called the Queen of Shadows, who will kill our dear Shadownspawn if we don’t. And who will probably re-raise the Devourer and destroy the world if we do. Damned orb of Shadowspawn’s is going to get us one way or another. Of course, Janella probably blames Tellius.

But to be honest, this is the kind of shit I really like, anyway. What else would we be doing if we weren’t out here trying to unravel plots and save the world from doom? Darning socks? Milking geese? Stirring soup? I don’t know what everyone else does, but this life on the edge of the blade is definitely for me.

Which brings us to the accursed Fort Jamal again. Janella has a feeling that we left some stones unturned inside those walls, but Serpy’s feathered friend, Sam, does a scouting report only to come back all agitated again. Looks like FJ is still under zombie rule, and none of us is too eager to trade left hooks with those rotting sacks of meat and claws anytime soon if we don’t have to. Plus, I’m still visited nightly by images of those hell-spawned creatures climbing down the castle wall head first and don’t need more dream fodder for my unconscious to use against me. We promise to revisit it on our way back.

“Of all the godsforsaken lands in this wide world of ours, the North has to be the … the.. godsforsakenest. Stay away from the North at all costs!” Rickolo the ranger, to his son, Chickolo, a ranger in training.

We continue north. En route, Shadowspawn regales us with some lore of Crystal Falls. According to legend, the titan Khadune was fighting a god in this area and the tip of the indescribably-huge titan’s sword brushed down against the town. It was the merest of ticks, but it cut a swath through the town and essentially decimated it. Titanspawn flooded in to finish the wreckage that Khadune had started, and Crystal Falls fell into ruin. CF had once been a place of fame, beauty, and architectural reknown before its collapse, stunningly situated on the edge of a couple of waterfalls. It was also well known for its impenetrable keep. This was the work of a group of mages in the service of a great Charduni dwarf leader, and it is this keep that we are heading toward to find a priceless Charduni tome for the aforementioned librarian. What could go wrong?

Two hours from our destination, things go a little sideways. We catch sight of a large murder of rat-beasts called slitheren on the road to our left. “Guys…stay low and out of sight” I whisper. Janella climbs up a tree.

Anyway, now it’s on, so the tree does seem to be a good idea, and I scramble up beside Janella. Serpy is hit with a crisis of diplomacy “Maybe we can parley with these guys. How do we know they’re hostile?” That point quickly becomes moot as the leading wave of slitheren that reach our tree get hot-fingered by Ms. Mageblood and toxically poked by my blowgun/flute. Meanwhile, the other five on the ground get swarmed as they press backs against a large boulder. Serpico and Shad S-P let some arrows fly to good effect but soon it’s down to fisticuffs. Some double teaming by the verminators has Serpenthelm taking big damage (again!) and hopes are starting to wane – that is, until a rousing little battle hymm is picked up by the incomparable Ronn Tellius! +2s for everyone! Hack a +2, bleed a +2; knee a +2, strike a +2 (sung to the tune of “Have a penny, leave a penny”)! The tide begins to really turn as the sorcerer in the tree drops a big, fat ball of flame in their midst and proceeds to roll it about our tree – several flee in conflagrated panic. Roused by Ronn’s soaring tenor, all of the Wu’Jen take their game up a notch, hacking, slashing, and blowing (c’mon, the blowgun!) with aplomb. Tellius enters the “End game” phase of the match with a frighteningly intimidating bardic display – he may be known and loved for his romantic balads and drinking songs, but the Ronn can match a chest-beating silverback gorilla for ferocious posturing when he has to! The seven slain receive the finest of military burials (toss into bush), and then we switch sides of the road and continue north, stopping for the night short of Crystal Falls.

Speaking of scary gorilla types, the middle of the night finds our brave party once more under assault, this time by a huge screaming primate called a Hill Howler.
• Fraidy-cats: Jan, Serpy, Vipette, and the Ronn (wonder if he’ll write that into a song?)
• unwavering, stolid, and determined: Gwynn and Shad. We used to dat shit.
On the front lines, it’s looking pretty rough: big bites and powerful claws rip into Janella and Serpenthelm, not helping them overcome their fears. But the gods are smiling on us as the behemoth gets his feet tangled and topples! Serpenthelm’s great axe makes it pay, and my backstabbing hatchet makes it pay the ferryman.

With this many survivalists in the band, we have no problems tracking back to its lair, where we find all manner of suits of mail and barding along with a chest containing a decent haul of gold and mountains of silver. A bit of goodberry healing by yours truly helps Jan and Serpy with their wounds, and at the crack of dawn, we’re back on the road to Crystal Falls.

Finally, we reach the town. We see the tower, our destination, lying on its side in the middle of the town rubble and do our best to sneak in undetected by the hosts of slitheren we see lurking about. Using “speak with animals”, I communicate to Sam the hawk what we need it to do: fly up with my silk rope in its beak, loop it around a bar on the top of the tower and return, which he does like an Olympian! Vipette hisses in my ear, “Humphh… yeah, but can he kill a hill giant!?!” Shadowspawn and Gwynn are up the rope in a flash, but things fall apart with Ronn’s attempt – 2 falls from 10 feet have us looking for alternate approaches. While we are mulling over pulleys, levers, hoists, and Rube Goldberg devices, who should suddenly appear beside us but your friendly neighbourhood fire drake. What’s that sound? Oh, it’s the odds of our success falling screaming down a well. However, this dragon is in the mood to negotiate. It turns out that it wants to get inside the aforementioned tower as well but can’t due to its oversized ass (and other parts, like wings). We are left with an offer that is hard to refuse: bring it a magical red stone from inside the tower and we’ll be released from the town; fail to do this mission, and we’ll be released from this mortal coil. Hmmm… I guess we’re looking for a rock!!


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