Charduni historically

Refers to the Dwarven Empire that used to control most of Scarn including the North-Western corner of Venir. The Charduni were brutal rulers who forced many into slavery and killed mercilessly. They were overthrown in most places that you know of during the Divine War.

These Dwarves get their name from the diety Chardun, the slaver and god of war, who was the primary god they worshipped. As such, they ran a carefully structured, diabolical empire. Many of the smiths and materials experts, though, had holy symbols of Corean, the Avenger and god of smiths. This seemed to be tolerated, and in some areas temples of Corean were also set up.

The Charduni Empire moved across Scarn taking over areas as they moved. They were still in the process of controlling Venir, and had only captured the North-West corner of it about 20 years Before; so their legacy was not as terrible as it was in areas that had been controlled for hundreds of years.

Northern Venir is fairly rich in resources including iron and coal, so it is considered a strategic region and was not let go easily by the South.

The Dwarves of Burok Torn, however, hold no love for the Charduni and sent an army to help Venir resist the movement of the empire. Between the Dwarven warriors and the Battle Mages the Charduni were held fast from their march Eastward.

Just a few months before the Divine war, smiths and mine experts, and workers were brought from the West into Venir and large sets of state-of-the-art forges were being built. Many had just started to produce or were still under construction when the Divine War changed everything. Rumours flew around Urlisian that the Charduni were planning to build a great army to press against the rest of Venir and into Burok Torn.

Charduni Dwarves now

During the war, many Charduni dwarves were killed by revolutionaries; particularly those in leadership. Many others feared genocide and fled West.

Charduni still exist in Venir, though they are not well-liked by many.

In particular, the Charduni brought new steel-working techniques that were not known by the previous people of Scarn (and which they keep secret from them still), so when towns were purged of Charduni dwarven leadership During the Divine War rebellions the Charduni smiths, metal workers and mine experts were quickly approached by the new leadership and asked to stay. Given the danger of fleeing During the Divine War, many stayed.

Other commoner Charduni were also sworn into service of the new governments, though many are still hated.

Prince Alfonz, in particular, pardoned any Charduni who would swear loyalty to his new government and let it known in Verduk (the Kingdom immediately to the West of Venir) (where Charduni met much harsher treatment) that they were welcome in Northern Venir. (Though welcomed politically, many despise the Dwarves still). Still, this invitation caused many to migrate to Venir to escape possible genocide. Northern Venir, now, boasts a much larger population of Charduni mining and materials experts than any nation around. Because of this, it’s government is attempting to open stone quarries and mines to leverage the expertise of the Charduni within its boarders.


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