The Victors (The Gods & Denev)
Name (Alignment) Domain

Corean, the Avenger (LG) Fire, Good, Law, Protection, War
Madriel, the Redeemer (NG) Air, Good, Healing, Plant, Sun
Tanil, the Huntress (CG) Animal, Chaos, Luck, Plant, Travel, Trickery
Hedrada, the lawgiver (LN) Judgment, Knowledge, Law, Protection
Denev, the Earth Mother(N) None
Enkili, the Trickster (CN) Air, Chaos, Luck, Travel, Trickery
Chardun, the Slaver (LE) Domaination, Evil, Law, Strength, War
Belsameth, the Slayer (NE) Death, Evil, Magic, Trickery
Vangal, the Reaver (CE) Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Strength, War

Demigods (Children of the Gods)
Drendari, Mistress of Shadows (CN) Chaos, Entrancement, Shadow
Erias, the Lord of Dreams (CG) Chaos, Dream, Good, Magic
Doran, the Dwarven God (LG) Earth, Good, Law, Strength
Hwyrdd, the Rogue (N) Luck, Protection, Trickery
Idra, the Courtesan (CN) Chaos, Entrancement, Secrets
Manawe, Mother of the Oceans (CN) Chaos, Entrancement, Travel, Water
Nalthalos, Lord of Evil Fey (LE) Constructs, Evil, Law
Nemorga, the Gatekeeper (N) Death, Gateways, Knowledge, Travel
Sethris, the Spider Queen (NE) Death, Evil, Vengeance
Syhana, the Cloudmaiden (NG) Air, Fey, Good, Rainbow

The Defeated (Titans)
Chern, the Scourge
Gaurak, the Glutton
Golthagga, the Shaper
Golthain, the faceless
Gormoth, the Writhing Lord
Gulaben, Lady of the Winds
Hrinruuk, the Hunter
Kadum, the Mountainshaker
Lethene, Dame of Storms
Mesos, Sire of Sorcery
Mormo, Mother of Serpents
Thulkas, Father of Fire


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