A wandering people known for their story-telling, music and mysticism. Although there are humans in their number, most Rova are half-elves for several generations back.

Traditionally, the Rova made a living wandering the countryside collecting and domesticating wild horses, and later breeding them. Rova-bred and Rova-trained horses are prized. The import of these horses to the economy, traditionally, is probably what kept Rova from having the overwhelming suspicion cast on many travelling people (such as real-world gypsies).

The xenophobic in Scarn believe that the Rova are little more than musical thieves, but many in your area love them for the life they bring to everything.

There is a group of Rova that has been fairly stationary in Venir, apparently waiting for the violent world outside to calm so that they can return to their wondering ways.


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