History of Venir

Previous to the Divine War, Venir was a large and powerful Kingdom. It held sway even after a large section of it was taken by the Charduni. At this time, it was a traditional, feudal system with few large centres surrounded by many hamlets and villages, each with a manor house belonging to a minor noble. The people of these hamlets and villages were primarily peasants who supplied their noble with the goods of their labour. Smiths made metal items, weavers made cloth and very many farmed. The ruling Lord or Lady would take all but a subsistence amount of their produced goods and send most of it to their Baron or Baroness who would turn over a large portion to the King who would supply the Emperor.

During the War, resistance movements that had minor followings in the past overthrew their Charduni superiors and claimed the land for themselves. These groups battled each other and positioned for power with a resistance leader named Alfonz becoming a warlord and building a formidable band that wandered from town to town claiming control.

Political Geography
Population – Between 40,00 and 60,000. Was about 500,000 people Before (a massive population by this world’s standards).

Politically Venir is currently broken into two primary regions and several independent communities. The smaller, Northern Princedom of Alfonz who controls six settlements and the much larger Southern Venir controlled by Emperor Derizian. It is unclear as to whether Prince Alfonz will become a vassal of the Emperor or whether he will attempt to separate out the North as its own Kingdom. Likewise, it is unclear whether Emperor Derizian will take control of the North (and if he does, it is unclear how he would do this). Southern Venir, historically, had legendary battle-mages. It is widely rumoured that Southern Venir is putting a great deal of resources into resurrecting this tradition.h3.

Physical Geography

Venir is a rolling-hill, tall grass prairie. It used to have predictable, mild weather and exceptionally fertile lands. Since the Divine War the weather has become much more unpredictable and violent, and much of the land was contaminated and/or strewn with rocks making agriculture much more difficult.

Most of the small hamlets and villages have been abandoned or destroyed in raids, so the population has fled to walled communities (only farming the areas close enough that they can get back to for nightfall).


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