Scarn 16 After

Cadarian sunshine

Back to the dungeon, our good ol resting place, full of happy memories, cherished loved ones. Okay, well maybe the memories are terrible medusa filled nightmares, and loved ones area single, unfortunately petrified semi-manservant we barely know. Either way, we’re back under Cadar, ready to resume, whatever it was we were doing before we jumped through that interesting portal into the misty labyrinth.

The party reunites themselves with the loot left behind in the box of holding. Janella decides to take a closer look at the enchanted carpet. Turns out it should serve to act as a portal between the two worlds stitched into the carpet. Judging by the shadowy depiction of the ‘other’ world on the carpet, Ronn geniusly infers that it probably represents the shadow realm from which most of Shadowspawn’s and thus the rest of os’ problems come from.
The group puts their heads together to remember the details of Cadar, the past (several) days having muddled their memories. The ruler of the city is the Lady Scentha. The group heads up to street level to see what’s new. The plan is to find a shop or a tavern to get reacquainted with what’s going down in Cadar. The group peaks out into the main square to see what is undoubtedly war preparations. The battle mages are getting ready for a fight. Apparently tensions we left behind have not settled. A quick thinking, ruggedly handsome Ronn Tellius quickly dismisses Shadowstone’s craven suggestion that we flee into the night and disguises himself as an intelligence officer in the Mage army. The group uses this disguise to enter a tavern, a distantly familiar tavern where trouble had been raised before by the pugilistic Shadowspawn. Before heading into the tavern, it should be noted that cooler heads returned the chest to the underground hideout. After some light carousing in the tavern we discover that as we expected the Prince is on the march, and is very close to Cadar.
We make our way into the main square where the command tent is located. After some forceful words, we win ourselves an audience with the Lady Scentha, armed with the knowledge of the anti-magic powder that can only spell certain doom for the magical forces of Cadar. We are presented to the war council, many well dressed folk surround the table, looking quite important indeed.
Ronn tries valiantly (and handsomely) to deliver the message. Shadowspawn tries to add his piece, but is met with classist derision at the gall of this manservant to speak out of turn. Seeing that the jig is up, Ronn drops the disguise spell and tries good old fashioned honesty.
To the dungeon!! Last time we try that angle…
Gwynn quickly defeats the locks on his manacles, and checks out our barren accommodations. After some time in the dungeon deciding whether death during valiant escape, or death by starvation during a siege would be preferable our ears are alerted to the approach of several people toward our cell.
The visitors are none other than the Lady Scentha and her advisor. We try again to convince the lady, and Gwynn suggests that she use some magical influence on us in order to guarantee the truth of our words. They leave and return shortly thereafter with a candle of truthtelling. We pass on all of our experience with the Prince’s forces and the anti-magic powder. Ronn is overcome by a stuck tongue during this exchange, somehow unable to recount just how heroic his contributions to the quest so far were. Convinced by our words, the Lady tells us that she believes that her chief Intelligence officer, Xanthar is a double agent and must keep us imprisoned for the time being as to avoid suspicion. She then gives us a quest. We are to follow and kill Xanthar, and if possible, discover who his contacts in the Prince’s lands might be. Shadowspawn remembers an old contact from Urlisia named Rutger who was talking to someone from the south.
After Xanthar departs the town we are released to follow. Hurried to the exits of the town we are again on our way.

Serpy unelashes Sam who quickly discovers the location of the villainous convoy. With Sam’s help we follow the party to a ruin.
Shadowspawn enters the shadows to scout the location. He returns with a map, and a cough. We begin to formulate a plan, Gwynn gives us a last minute magical inspiration and we prepare for battle.


DMC LordFowlie

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