Scarn 16 After

From dungeons to deserts

Star date Nov 15th, 2016 log by Serpenthelm

November 15th, 2016

Shadowspawn is finally free from his link to the dark sinister sorceress but, now, all of her careful devious planning to….to take over the world?….to control all inhabitants on Scarn? …has come to nothing. She is very unhappy. Her enraged shrieking is the first clue as to how she’s feeling and all the awful spells she keeps throwing at us is another. I am still under the influence of her hold spell when she casts a horrible cold spell! We are all hit, Vipette and Jann worse than the others.

Now interestingly enough, Shadowspawn has been schlepping around a powerful magical dagger, which returns to the user when thrown. He picked it up the same time we picked up our new toys from the Medusa’s treasure pile, and her bag of holding….

Bag of holding
(It’s a 35 lb bag of holding. Which can hold 1000lbs and 150 cubic feet) We had put stone cold Rue in the bag.

From inside the bag we pull out:
Serp-a gorgeous beautifully carved compound long-bow. It doubles the distance I can hit without penalty 220ft!! with +2 hit &damage.
Serp-Candle of truth, (faint enchantment creates a zone of truth 5’ radius lasts 1 hour Will DC 13 negates effect. 2500gp)
Ronn-a throwing war hammer-(powerful, dwarven thrower, like Wolfgars hammer, returns if you’re a dwarf +2 against giants or D8 damage)
Ronn a staff not sure how it works but maybe we can give it away as a bribe…
Jann-scroll case with a scroll that has many spells (arcane teleport. Reduce person. elemental body 3rd level., stone shape and reverse gravity, )
Jann-a pearl of power can hold a spell and let it go when you want. ,
Jann-rolled up rug- powerful, transportation spell. Left behind
Gwinn-a blue ring –transmutation ring of water breathing,
Gwinn-a bluish reddish potion –transmutation.
Shadowspawn-dagger-powerful, an artifact of some sort. /returns when thrown

…He has used it now and again but for the most part has kept it hidden because he hasn’t known the extent of its powers. For months now SS has been living in fear of death or worse from the spell the evil sorceress cast upon him. Finally free, he relishes the idea of telling her exactly how he has felt to be used as a pawn to do her bidding. The name is Shadowspawn not Shadowpawn he extorts. Forgetting for a moment his gutlessness, he lunges at her and plunges his dagger deep into her heart. Amazed at his own courage he steps back in astonishment. The dagger starts to glow, the sorceress starts to convulse, the shadows exclaim “we got her, we got her!” Before our very eyes, the dagger and the dark sinister sorceress dissolve into nothing. How bloody lucky is that!!

The Gypsie returns, and say’s “that’s some dagger! For your troubles, I’ll send you back to the entryway”

On the way there, we suddenly, magically become more powerful!
Ranger 7, bard 1
Back at the gateway we meet the undead sentries, ignore them, rest and lick our wounds.

After a nights rest, we continue up the stairs, away…. away from the damn maze, the endless water, weird gravitational flip flops, sharks, elementals, a rust monster, blue sturges, a hideous malevolent incorporeal face , golems , undead…away from it all with dreams of sugar plum fairies and mulled wine. Onward, one foot in front of the other, towards the sun and green fertile soils. One more flight of stairs, we’re almost there. Oh look “qu’elle surprise” more undead creatures blocking our path…or are they? The main undead dude is in the hallway, waiting for us. In fact he’s still holding the magical staff we had given it in exchange for free passage. He casts a spell on all of us and we disappear and reappear outside, somewhere. Our entire team has been transported atop a wide staircase. Large brass doors sit at one end enticingly awaiting our exploration. We unbelievably are in the desert. The sky is blue and the air is hot and dusty. I can’t find the mulled wine, however I would settle for a beer. RT thinks we are in a parallel universe of some sort. Perhaps, he surmises, we came through the portal to lands protected by the giant animated golems. Let it be known that I am very doubtful regarding this theory. RT is always telling tales! We are beside a temple, which is enshrouded with a magical aura. SS tries to unlock the door using help from the gang. The door is barred on the inside…no problem, child’s play says Shadowspam. We walk in. It’s the same type of architecture as before. There is a dais with a sculpture of the god, Chardune. We exit via stage left. Two skeletons are standing guard. There are tapestries on the walls and the carpets on the floor are dusty. Evidently skeletons are not the best house-keepers. We continue exploring and find a magical trap door, which SStones easily disables with a little help from his friends. Cozy room, nobody to bug us, we rest some more.

RT disguises himself as a Charduni priest, it’s really his best look. We enter another room where there is a smaller sculpture of Chardune. RT, in disguise orders it to stand aside. The sculpture is convinced and stands aside. Through the doors there is a treasure trove of magical items, armor and journals written in ancient Charduni. It looks like a military campaign supply ledger. The room has a dwarven cleanliness to it. I look closely and see a beautifully forged great axe with matching chainmail. I look at the items wistfully until my companions finally beg me to take them. SS can’t take his eyes off the morning star shocker. “Oh the fun I could have” he exclaims. We give it to him. Ronn takes the latest journal hoping to find fodder for a tale or two. I know after all that SS has been through he is feeling deeply satisfied with his new toy. Gazing lovingly at my new axe and armor, so am I. We leave with the loot.
Serp Cloak of the bat
Serp Magical scale mail 1(AC6).
Serp Great Axe +1 keen

SS Morning star shocker d8 +d6 +1
Shield heavy steel studded shield +5


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