Scarn 16 After

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Elementals-oh Joy

April 19,2016

I light a candle. Jann casts a ray of enfeeblement to the earth elemental.
She manages to decrease its strength by -2. I damage it with my arrow in the eye and get one of its red gem eyes. Ronn is hit again and is bleeding (-8) Jann stuns it with a high-level scroll spell which freezes it. It gets stoned. Gwinn heals RT to (-3). I do more damage to the EE. Jann spreads her oil-cloth tarp behind it in the hopes of breaking its contact with the ground and diminishing its strength. Gwinn shoves healing magic berries in RT’s mouth. (0) EE still stunned. RT heals himself to +19. I miss. Jann put on her cloak and grabs the rope. I shoot out the other eye. Gwinn uses a sneak attack from behind its head and slashes with Keanu Reaver for 12 damage and it creaks and crumbles to the ground. I get the 2 eyeball gem. We pick up our stuff and regroup. We check out the space and find grey walls. Center of the room is the warmest. Magic is sensed underground. We rest and do the watch. Heal up. Afterwards, I dig down 3 feet and hit metal resulting in a flash. A pair of medium sized EE rise up to get us. SS hits one. One EE hit Gwinn. I miss. RT inspires courage and does damage. Jann shoots and hits. EE hits SS ouch! RT keeps singing and throws the warhammer for the kill! It crumbles to the ground narrowly missing Gwinn. SS uses acrobatics to get behind the other one to stab. I kill it! Crumbling it hurts SS. The others share the other 4 green eye gems.

Where I was digging there are runes and another submarine type hatch. We disable the device. Very hot to the touch. Gwinn can cast resist heat so we can go through the portal. We open it and smell coal smoke. SS goes into the shadows to check it out by climbing down his non burning silk rope. SS comes back after 4 min. He whispers that there is a fire elemental (FE) waiting for us that sensed him. We go down the silk rope. We are properly prepared for the heat. Vipette is back in the tube. Its 90 degrees C. Jann puts the bat cloak and mage armor on and goes down there. There are 4 fire elementals waiting for us. Jann becomes a water elemental. RT starts a tune and misses. Water elemental attacks me. Ouch -3. Gwinn attacks for 8 damage. I step back 5 feet and shoot for 19 damage with two attacks. Gwinn hits. Jann hits. I shoot a critical and smoke out elemental 1…3 left. RT misses. SS does something from the shadows.


DMC JoAnneMarcoux

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