Scarn 16 After

January 25 Serp's version of the truth

Still underground. Do we save Rue?

January 25, 2017

Going done the stairs where I got poisoned, its 1325 afternoon. Metal stairs, metal door…they’re kinda chilly. Stairs are dusty. SS thinks the stairs will turn into a slide.
Shad carries the spying shield. We push the dead naga down the stairs. She doesn’t go far. We hook ourselves to the door and I fly around with my bat cloak. I see nothing and its get s really dark. I barely am able to fly back with my cloak. Gwinn climbs down the stairs and pushes the naga a bit and it gets momentum and triggers the slide and its super slippery too. We feed him down….then he comes up again. Gwinn says there is a pit at the bottom. He could see with a torch. There are 3 levers, one which has been tripped. Before the pit the hallway goes left. We all go down single file. We are on a metal platform and its 5-10 degrees. SS sees Charduni runes on the levers. It’s a magical and mechanical device. The naga likely triggered the lever and tore the rope going by. The runes say it’s a faithfulness test. Jann sends down her dancing lights. The pit is 50 ‘ deep and the naga is down there. The triggered lever is put back and the stairs return. The other levers cause blackness and remove the sound. I go down the pit with the cloak. There is a door down there with no handle and other long dead thing. We get back together and continue down the stairs. Gwinn who is in front sees 3 skeletons holding loading crossbows. RT disguises himself as a charduni and engages the skeletons. Jan sends out dancing lights (30’). Gwinn tries to disarm one successfully. It tries to slash him but misses.
RT gets hit. Swarm of 12 more skeletons swarm in. RT gets a hit with a war hammer and kills 11. Jann gets a fire ball in. kill 9. 2 left. Sadly Jan singes RT and Gwinn. I kill one there is one left. I kill the last one.

The lich appears…the one we traded with before and he has 12 skeletons and 4 big undead skeletons with him.
***sense motive creates the target and the bluff is the attack.
We trade the shield to get back to the portal.

At the portal the two clay un-animated golems await. They are slighty bruised from our last encounter. We sneak by them by being smelless and invisible. They activate but don’t go bizerk. On the other side our chest awaits with Rue and Medussa’s wrapped head and a carpet. The magic carpet is conguration.
We decide to go to town and maybe get some loot and a cleric to heal the folk stoned by the Medusa. The knotted rope is lost.


DMC LordFowlie

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