Scarn 16 After

Dungeons & Devils

With the unsettling sound of a boulder rolling into place, the wall reforms splitting the party with Shadowspawn, Ronn Tellius (The Great), and Janella on one side and Serpenthelm and Gwynn on the other side of the newly formed wall. Unsure how to proceed, the party begins flailing on the wall to mixed effect. Before we know it, the wall shifts again, revealing Serpenthelm to the majority of the party, but leaving Gwynn locked away with someone else, Xanthar is nowhere to be seen. After brutalizing his compatriots Serpenthelm strikes some Titanic fear into her now isolated foe and the fool starts to run, she gives chase looking to give him the ol’ donkey punch, but instead manages somehow to catch herself in the jaw, launching what might be a tooth into the hallway ahead of her.
Janella does some fancy finger twirling and casts dispel magic on the elemental. With a satisfying woosh, the elemental comes apart and falls to the ground in an untidy earthen pile.
Meanwhile Gwynn is having a blast with Xanthar, Vipette is throwing poison and Gwynn slashing for his life when he falls prone, Xanthar, suddenly monstrous Xanthar is looming over top of him hungry fangs dripping.
Thankfully the party can reach each other now, and they make short work of Xanthar. Ronn searches his memories and remembers tell of Skin Devils, strange monsters that can assume the form of unwilling hosts to feed their devilish hunger.
Xanthar is still unconscious as the group tries to decide what to do with the beast. Do they take it back to Cadar? Or just slay the beast and continue south to find out who he was meeting with?
The group decides to explore that old trapdoor they passed upon first entering this dungeon, Xanthar can wait (or he might be dead, the scribe’s still out).
The trap door opens to a tall ladder surrounded by a cage. A perusal attracts the attention of some all too familiar zombies, the wall crawling kind from fort Jamal. Thankfully these are on the outside of the cage, temporarily not our problem. However, they are in a large chamber, and there seems to be another cage in there so the group must figure out how to deal with the monsters. Then answer is fire. Sweet cleansing fire. [**] After attracting the beasts to the cage, Janella gives them a taste of her fiery personality.

That problem dealt with the group explores the large chamber outside of the ladder cage, and finds a cage housing:… Xanthar. F-ing Xanthar? But if he’s in the cage…The group engages in a session of confused pointing up at the top of the ladder and back at Xanthar in the cage and some deep philosophical mutterings about the chances of the group actually checking this corner of the facility before attempting to communicate with the eerily silent Xanthar. From what we can tell he’s probably not a skin devil, also, the poor devil [sic] has had his tongue cut out.
After some charades, and writing of messages, the group finds out that this is the real Xanthar, who’s been captured for some time, and this complicates the decision of how to deal with Zombie Xanthar even further.
The group decides that not-dead Xanthar should be returned to Cadar to clear up the misunderstanding, though how this information will help the soon to be besieged City of Cadar is another question indeed…


DMC LordFowlie

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