Local Political History - Pre-Divine War to Present

You live in Venir, which was a powerful kingdom up until the Divine War.

Venir was among the most powerful nation in the Leaden Empire which lasted through several dynasties.

Two decades Before the Divine War the (Dwarven) Charduni Empire overtook much of the Ledean Empire including the part of Venir where this campaign takes place. (Some of Venir was held by [[:Emperor Quadriam]] and never overtaken).

The Divine War lasted 3 years and 6 days.

Many people died in that War, first from Divine violence, next from waves of titanspawn, and finally from starvation/disease drifting through the countryside.

In your area, estimated population losses are about 90% from pre-War years in any given city; higher if you factor in cities that disappeared. As things stabilize communities refugees are finding communities and they are beginning to grow.

Local Political History - Pre-Divine War to Present

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